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Bikes need fuel to go ! Who'd have thunk it !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VladTepes, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Well, embarassment.

    Done today what I've NEVER done before and ran out of fuel.

    My last bike had a reserve tap and that's a really good idea !

    Not like this new-fangled fuel injected bike with nought but a LCD readout you have to keep a close eye on. And I didn't. Well, not close enough !

    There's no warning of impending stoppage either
    Not going ! Damn !

    Stopped on an uphill and it's a HEAVY bike I was VERY lucky that I managed to move across into the left lane and then paddle the bike the last two metres UPHILL (aarrrggghh) to a side street.

    No servos anywhere nearby that I knew of. Besides they dont lend fuel tins anymore you have to buy them. And what the heck would you do with an empty fuel tin, on a bike ?

    Rang the RACQ and asked them to bring some fuel,which they did... 45 minutes later.

    Was very late for work today. The being late is much less bad than having to explain it.

    Then when I opened my topbox I found the dressing for my salad (lunch) had leaked all over everything in it. D'oh!
  2. You get those days hey. The trip home will be a breeze. How is your battery?
    Seems servos have lost a lot of fuel cans and very few lend them now. I've suggested to the local one that they lend them and ask for a deposit of equal retail value to the can.
  3. you do indeed get such days; and then again you get pearlers; the good mixed with the bad

    I hope nothing important was under the salad dressing :)
  4. Cheap Barsteward......... :p

    300 odd k's on a 14 tank before you are down to the last indicator.......and you've still got a few litres in the bottom...........and you still ran it dry? [-(

    What were you thinkin.......?? ](*,)
  5. Don't worys I run out of fuel all the time
  6. ive done it on all my bikes. done it on the zx6r three times actually.. the cbr250rr three times and the cbr125 once.

    most times it was right next to a servo tho.. furthest ive had to push is maybe 1km
  7. PLease tell me it wasn't Cesar ??
  8. Just be careful that you aren't doing a ride up through some twisties going at a fast rate. The last thing you won't is a bike cutting out midway through a turn when leant over and not to mention getting stuck up in the hills isn't a fun thing - haven't done it but I have seen other guys get into strife.

  9. I take it you don't look at your tacho or speedo very often?? Not sure about your bike but mine starts blinking when it's down to three litres and then starts blinking more when I'm down to about 90ks of fuel. Pretty hard to miss.
  10. You should have two trip Odo's. Reset B when you fill up. Now you know how far you can go you will know how far till you run out.
    Bad luck mate, it happens. I filled my postie bike up with oil last week...twice.
    Ha ha you should have seen the smoke trail I was leaving behind. Even though I dumped it and re topped the oil when I got back it took two days to clear all the smoke.
  11. First flashing bar means you have about 6L left. Flashing bar and fuel icon means 1.75L. I usually squeeze 50km out of first reserve commuting, longer trips probably another 10 or 20ks. What I usually do is when it gets to 2 bars, I bring up trip meter 2 and when it starts flashing, reset trip 2. My Bandit does this automatically. I always run the bike into reserve to work out how far I can push it if the need should arise.