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Bikes in Unexpected Media Locations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Petesul, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Well, I've done it, I've managed to get my bike on the front cover of my industry magazine. Here's the cover, I have left the magazine name off to protect the innocent, but this is out there with my colleagues, over 400 copies are floating around somewhere.

    I'm claiming a Netrider first for this act, and if you want to dethrone me, go ahead, just provide some evidence.

    If you have seen a bike in the media where you would not have expected to see it (including any form of media), tell us about it, especially if it is your bike.

    Industry Mag Cover.
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  2. Looks like an inclusion by stealth!
  3. Sure is! ;)
  4. IMG_0233.JPG

    Minister for something or rather was visiting the store while I was there. Picture was in the local paper, my MT09 is in the background on the left CRIPL
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  5. Love it. The name of the garage has a 'vibe' about it too!
  6. A few times last year when there was public media or governemnt stories on lane splitting/filtering, the news channels grab some of my lane splitting footage off youtube.
    Nearly spat my coffee across the room first time I was watching the evening news and see quite a bit of my own footage. :wideyed:

  7. ^ did they ask for your permission?
  8. Named after the owner's kids (I think).
  9. WombleWomble - that is correct. btw the scoot's number plate just scraped into the same photo
  10. Think you've trumped me oz-rileyoz-riley. Who's up to the next level?
  11. No, but there is some sort of licence with YouTube where they can use short grabs of footage, mind you they could have at least sent me a Channel 9/10 coffee cup or something!
    Still think yours is better Pete, mine is just lazy journalism, it is pretty easy to hit YouTube to back up your news story.
    I was also told on the same night there was ABC story on the same topic and some of my footage was used again, but could not find that story.,,