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NSW Bikes in the Bus Lane

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sedgy, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Might be a rehash of an old topic, but anyways...

    Got pulled over today after zipping past a cop in a "bus lane" and he told me it was a pet hate of his that bikes use bus lanes and told me it's only allowed in Sydney CBD.

    He also mentioned he's a rider and just ran my license and said don't do it again.

    I've done the research before and did it again this afternoon and I can't reach any conclusion except that motorcycles are allowed to use "bus lanes" and not allowed to use "bus only lanes", no mention of it only being limited to the CBD.

    I had the gopro on so here's a clip if you're interested, and can anyone tell me if I'm missing something in the road rules or if this cop was frustrated about sitting in traffic.

    Link to the RTA's FAQ of bus lane usage http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/usingroads/buses/buslanes/index.html

  2. vid looks fine. cop was being a douche.
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  3. You were in the right, cop doesn't know how to do his job properly.

    He claims he rides bikes, but doesn't know the rules for them and seemingly would rather sit in an unsafe queue of traffic than legally go down the empty bus lane because it's a 'pet hate' of his... He rides bikes about as much as i ride unicorns...

    A 'pet hate' of mine is that you have to be nice to these idiots who are incompetent at their jobs, or risk getting an erroneous ticket. You did the right thing in just being polite and luckily he let you off, but really that guy needs to be told he is wrong and to go back and learn about the laws he is enforcing.

    Also did i hear correctly that he said 'all the traffic was looking at you' as you went down the bus lane, i really don't know how that is relevant or justification for pulling someone over...
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  4. I have heard of a number of recent examples of this, someone I ride with was pulled over in a sting last week, they were targeting cars using the bus lane, and pulled the bike in. He had to argue the point and they let him go after they radioed in for confirmation.

    Not a good look for cops, policing rules they don't fully understand. You would think before the operation started they'd be told taxi's and bikes are okay, pull everyone else over.

    Cop in your vide was a dick, it was hard to hear him properly but he sounded like some house, from Minton.
  5. You're in the right.

    Bus Lane all good…

    Bus Only Lane = Buses Only
  6. Glad you did the reseach. I've done the same research myslef. "Bus Only Lane" is for busses only, that means no taxis and no motorbikes. "Bus Lane" permits taxis, hire cars, emergency vehciles and motorbikes and is not restricted to the CBD in the road rules.
  7. Just an aside every cop does not ride. This is in their training. When dealing with bikes NSW cops always say they ride so that they sound like they know what they are talking about and have a right to lecture you. I'd say most of them have done a riding training course but for most of them that is the full extent of the "I ride a motorcycle too". Of course it is wise not to challenge them on this.
  8. In my experience with police in NSW and Victoria I would say it's a bit of a stretch to say 'most of them have done a riding training course'.
  9. If it's your local commute, it is worth giving the local police station a ring and discussing it with them.
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  10. they have a Customer Assistance Unit and a Compliments and Complaints line here:


    Might be worth pointing out that at least one of their officers, not only doesn't know the law, he's making up his own and could do with some re-education.
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  11. That cop needs to go back to cop school to learn the road rules. A quick email to the police minister will get the appropriate memo sent to his superior.
  12. Until recently I thought all bus lanes were open to motorcyclists (at least in NSW) because in my area I had never even seen "bus only lane" - wouldn't ever notice the difference since up until recently because I was driving a car.
    I now use the bus lane all the time commuting from northern beaches to the city... I nearly got collected by a bus coming out of the Watson St bus stop at Neutral Bay just before the bridge. It seemed like he didn't see me at all and after diving through the gap and swearing a bit, I got home and double checked the rules. On my next ride I saw it - about a 50m section next to the bus stop is marked BUS ONLY. Maybe this is partly why the bus driver didn't see me? Doubt I would ever have been booked for being there, but I might have ended up under the bus.
  13. I'd be angry too if I had to sit in a van all day that didn't have any coffee or donuts
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  14. It is 100% legal for motorbikes to use bus lanes in NSW. Not Bus Only lanes though even when they are tacked onto the last 10 metres of a bus lane !!
  15. great idea.
    i mean nobodys perfect, it may only need need an internal email within their station to set it straight in future.
  16. Called up the local station and asked to clarify the rule, the female officer snickered at me suggesting anything other than a bus can use a bus lane and then the call got "disconnected".

    Called up again and asked for Highway, he said any "bus lane" is 100% legal to use for bikes and even specified the lane I was pulled over in yesterday as well giving a few examples of nearby "bus only lanes" that bikes obviously aren't allowed in.

    Matter resolved.
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  17. I shared it on another motorcycle forum. This isn't the first time I've heard about this happening. There is nothing like a bunch of riders laughing at the incompetence of a police officer to bring about a change, like sending a memo to all officers clarifying the rules.
  18. Nice work, quick resolution. Did you get the officers name though, I'd write it down, you can then refer to it if it happens again.
  19. Not surprised that a coastie cop doesn't know a state wide road rule.

    In 6 months time the same cop will probably pull a rider over for legally filtering.
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  20. I'm betting you got the Government Support Officer (public servant) rather than a Police officer.