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Bikes in Sydney, whats going on the last few weeks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Ok Sydney bike riders get free parking in the city now, but twice this week I’ve seen bikes get stuck in those spots, have any of you guys been in that situation.

    The Possible collapsing building Fiasco , the police blocked the roads on both sides and didn’t let anyone in, all i saw was that a large group of motorbikes and scooters were parked 5 meters away behind the police tape, wonder if they let you walk the 5 meters to get your bike or did you have to leave it there overnight till the scaffolding was safe, I would be pissed if my bike was nice and safe to get and was told you cant get it as the building might fall on your bike in the next 24 hours.

    then came the bomb scare, it was a box of fishing tackle under a scooter, again police tape, no you cant walk the 5 meters to collect your bike till we disarm the plastic box under the scooter.

    Then on ACA on ch9 there was a story that Sydney girls are getting into biking, a few good sorts on sport bikes, wonder if any are netriders
    Then mardigras dikes on bikes came out, wonder if the good sorts were all lesbos?
  2. Don't think too much there TAX, might burst a few brain cells :grin: .
  3. Wow TAX.

    You truly are the Salvador Dali of Netrider.

  4. It's a conspiracy by the Government.

    Offer good parking then lock the bikes in with tape.

    Mark my words next it will be compulsory helmets and flouride in the drinking water.
  5. Yeh, then issuing fines for going 4 k's over the speed limit!! LOL as if they would ever do anything as stupid as that!
  6. I cant think of any other reason to change the point system...
  7. Why would they secure a section off for safety reasons and then let you come in and pick up your bike?
  8. Dunno bout you lot but I HATE! parking next to cars. I reckon the law should be in place anyway but they should make the focus, putting in more bike parking in the CBD. I am sick and tired of seeing scooters dominate 99% of the spots. I wouldn't mind scooter parkers if most of them were considerate and didn't move or bump into the bike next to them every time they got into or left a parking space.
  9. Solution: Buy monstrous adventure-touring bike or stunt bike, fit it with hardcore crash cages, and push parked scooters out of the way with your brutish man-bike.
  10. :LOL: GOLD!

    Now all i need is a brutish tourer or a filthy stunter to realise my dreams! :LOL:
  11. I'm not really an authority on this but I think the general idea behind the dykes on bikes is the butch shaved(or very short hair) head lesbians on bikes... I think the "good sorts" as you refer to them are more the pretty lipstick lesbian rather than a "Dyke"

    So no probably no "good sorts" on those bikes at the mardi gras unless that's the sort of thing you're into.