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bikes have changed my mother's outlook..(sorry, long story)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kezza01, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. ...i'm not sure the title really says it all, but i have to share this story from my mum (70+).....

    yesterday she was driving her little car along the highway when she noticed the temperature gauge heading waaaaaay over into the red. she remembered seeing a lot of water on the floor of her garage before she headed out.

    as little old ladies do, she debated whether to keep going where she was going or head home or find a garage. she decided (thank goodness) to go to a garage near her home.

    when she got to the garage, there were cars and people everywhere - seeing as how it was the only garage in her local area open that early on the public holiday.

    she parked her car, scanned the crowd, and saw the ONLY biker in the joint and decided to ask him to help her out. so she rocks up to him and asks could he help her work out where to put the water........

    i gather he was really helpful, took plenty of time, explained what he was doing, checked that the temp needle stayed down, that the engine was cool before he started filling with water etc etc etc......took over half an hour.....considering he was about to put on his helmet and head off, i reckon that in itself was a great thing he did.

    but, as my mother does....she engaged him in conversation (my mother will talk to ANYONE!!!! :p )......and in the course of the chat, the biker asked her why she asked him to help out. as he said - many ladies of her generation would have been afraid of him.

    she replied that last year she would never have dared approach him, but that her daughter (me) had just started riding and had told her how helpful the bike community have been. and so, my mum knew that if she asked the biker for help, he, of all those at the garage, would be the one who would help her.

    i dunno - maybe it's just my mum.....but i reckon there are probly other stories out there where just cause you ride, your family have changed their mind about bike riders......?
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  3. That is just a great story. Good on him for helping and good on you for reinforcing riding to your mother.
  4. "Oh it's not trouble at all ma'am... and what did you say you're cute daughter's number was again?"
  5. hehehehehehehe now i'll have to tell my mum i posted bout her.....she'll think the idea rocks - she's a really cool person really - how many other people do you know turn 60 and decide to go to uni for the first time, and drive a cement truck just cause she's always wanted to?

  6. well, just to add to it, apparently he's on a different brissie forum, goes to the milton coffee club, and gave her his forum nick (which she gave to me)......

    maybe i could use my mum as my matchmaker?????

    :rofl: :eek:hno:
  7. Thats an awesome story! Thanks for posting!

    When we had are small spill on our natio run the other week, you wouldn't believe the amount of bikers that slowed down to ask if we were ok or just totally stopped to make sure it was all good.

    Hardly any cagers did the same.

    Granted that this is one biker helping another and your story isnt that. I still think it goes to show what an awesome group of people riders are!
  8. Hey Kezza, your Mum rocks :cool: :grin:
  9. yeah, altho i don't tell her that toooo often......

    and she has set an incredibly high standard of awesomeness for me to try to live up to..... :?

    maybe one day you'll all see me pillioning my dear old mum on the back of the virago :shock:
  10. Fantastic story, Kezza :cool:

    Reminds me how much I miss my Mum. I reckon our Mums would've gotten along just fine :wink:
  11. Maybe mum will join you on the bikes one day. After all, it's probably no harder than driving a cement truck
  12. that just left me all warm and fuzzy in the innards :)
  13. awww that's a really sweet story :D
  14. Yep, I have only been riding on the road for around 6 months but am amazed at how friendly and helpful most of the biker community are.

    For example, on Kittiminx's ride on Wednesday I rode acroos to the Rowville meet point with the Westy's, Chairman was leading the ride and I was behind, he indicated to me to mark the Wellington Rd off ramp. I was there for quite a while as I didn't know that TEC (Voyager) had his hands full down the road.

    Whilst I was sitting on the side of the freeway at least 6 riders slowed right down to see if I was ok, a quick thumbs up and they were on their way again, it was nice to know that if there was something wrong, I wasn't on my own.
  15. probly not unfortunately.....there's things she'd love to do that she can't now cause of her health.....but she has admitted to gettin a buzz when i cruise up her driveway on the virago......
  16. yeah - but imagine the stories they'd tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. He he he

    My mum's ambition is to drive a semi - and she's 69 this year! Mum started work at 55 and hasn't looked back. She still worries about the motorcyclists in our family - me, my wife and my brother. She thinks our bikes look 'awfully smart' though. She's off to New York in Sept for a quick 2 week trip sto see friends. Dontcha just love mums!!

    Oh, kudos to the dude that helped your mum - I like to think there are guys and girls out there who can look after our mums if we're not there. I remember heading up the Hume in an old Landcruiser off to a fishing trip when I saw an elderly lady pondering her flat tyre. Took me a few hundred metres to pull up (BJ42s had shocking brakes) and by the time I reversed back, a couple of blokes in a newer ute (with better brakes) had stopped to help her out.
  18. Only a mum or a grandma could say that! :LOL:
  19. that's true matti-san. only they can also say it with this funny little glint in their eye that betrays the sense of excitement they've got....

  20. Thats awesome, how good is your mum for having the guts to hit him up to check her tempreture :wink:
    Top bloke for keeping up the good name of biker community