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Bikes for the taller L plater

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Matanzalle, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey there, apologies if there has been a similar post elsewhere. I could only find a post for taller off road bikers but yeah, i am 6'2 and dont way much (75kg) and want to get my first bike, i am liking road bikes like the zzr cbr gsx or gpx but think i might make most of these 250's look quite small. Does anyone know if these bikes will be the right size or what some alternatives are. Cheers (try and keep them under 5k) :)

  2. I found the Across to be a good size. I'm close to 6'3".

    Are you after something used or new? There are some choices in the new LAMS bikes that might appeal.
  3. GS500 or VTR250
  4. Yah, I fit on my VTR250 (6'4") alright, though legroom is a bit "sporty", as with the GS500.

    Honda Hornet 250 (aka Honda CB250F, not to be confused with the cheap Honda CB250 and CBF250 commuter bikes!) is probably the 'biggest' 250cc road bike, followed closely by the Hyosung GT250R/GT650R LAMS.

    Hornet 250's a grey-import bike, though, so they're hard to come by and painful to insure.

    But there're plenty of options. Best bet is to just sit on 'em all and see what you think.
  5. 6'2 on a honda cb250 here.

    I fit on it but it's not what I'd call arm chair comfort!

    Sat on a friends virago yesterday so I now know what too small feels like.

    Gs500 is my pick.
  6. i am also bout 6'2 and weigh a little less... the gpx is fine for me. longer rides it gets a bit uncomfy, but as a bigger bike was not much of an option at the time, this one is good :]
  7. I'm 6'1" and find the GS500 a nice fit. However, you really need to sit on the bikes to see how they feel for you. How's your back and wrists? Different riding positions put different pressures on them and as such what's comfortable for one person can be painful for someone else. Also, the bikes you've listed are all bikes with fairings so ideally you really want to try riding one to get an idea of the airflow. You'll find some screens could keep your body out of the flow but direct it straight at your head causing very annoying buffetting that's worse than if you had no fairing at all. It may be possible to get an aftermarket screen to fix this if everything else about the bike suits you, you'll just need to factor the extra cost into your budget.
  8. I am 6'2 95kg and ride a CBR250r... And still find it pretty comfortable.
  9. this guy looks comfy too:

  10. 6'2" on a ZZR here and no problems whatsoever....

    I've been led to believe that other 250 'sport-style' bikes can be more cramped but the ZZR is actually quite an upright riding position and I'm perfectly happy. :grin:
  11. Hey, don't know heaps about specific specs of bikes, but I am 6"5" and I sat on a couple bikes the other day, all 250's. The new ninja didn't fit me cause the fairing was too bulky. As for the cbr250 that was very cramped up.

    The bikes that I found suitable were the GPX, and ZZR, also a 600 Restricted Hyosung was fine too.

    Hope this helps.
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  13. Thanks for the help, i am leaning more towards the zzr, seems to be a few around, which is good for parts, there kinda cheap and i havent heard of too many problems with them. Or the across, though some have said, more cylinders means more things that can go wrong? Definately a used bike though (in response to an earlier question).
  14. I'll add my vote for the Across too.
  15. RVF 400 :grin:
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  17. The bandit looks pretty sweet but what are the downsides to buying a grey-import, if any???
  18. a grey import is a old bike that has come over to australia because another country has abolished the 250cc learner laws, and therfore send 250's to aus coz demand for them has gone out the window.

    so its an old bike, that has 3 things
    - a new paint job
    - Has more than likley had the mileage wound back (ALOT)
    - and has been complienced for australian standards.

    so alot might say that the bike is an 06, 07, but really its an 96, 97 that has a complience date of 06, 07.

    hence why you pay ALOT more on insurence on a grey import, and why it is so easy to buy a LEMON when looking to get one.

    dont get me wrong, if you cjeck it all out and its in good nick, they can be a great find. but i have heard some horrer stories.


    have a look at that.

    Hope this helps mate.

  19. Lol thankfully I don't look like that on my bike. The RR I found too cramped, but the R was more upright, so I find it quite easy and comfortable to ride... Been quite a few days where I've done 400-500km in a day and no back or wrist pain.

    There aren't too many 250's out there where someone who is 6'2 doesn't make the bike look small.