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Bikes for short riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by matt232, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. Since untame_me was on a mission to find her next bike last Friday I said I'd give her some links to some options for short riders. I was originally just going to PM them but thought others might find some value in them as well

    Short riders discussions

    Short rider bike list

    If anyone knows of anyother resources, please add them.

  2. Thanks Matt!
    I'm a bit 'vertically challenged' (in the riding sense!), and have found it difficult to find bikes I can touch the ground on!!
    I'll check these out...
  3. I would have thought that most bikes designed for the Japanese domestic market (ie grey imports or local equivalents) would have already been designed with shorter riders in mind, unless the Japanese know some way of riding without needing to put you feet on the ground (guess you could always put them on the bonnet of the car next to you).
  4. jd.......nooooooooooooooooo, think again.

    Tell you what though, any bike manufacturer who starts making bikes (NOT OF THE CRUISER VARIETY) for shorter riders, is going to be sitting on a gold mine. I can't believe no one's done it yet.

    Seems the easy option for short riders is to just get a cruiser - STUFF THAT I say..... I paid my penance on a Virago, then at upgrade time, I wanted something sport(ier).

    After months of studying seat heights of just about every bike in the world (it felt like), I decided on the ZZR600, and I'm just touchin 5 foot.

    The seat has been sculpted down an inch, and the rear suspension wound down an inch too, and that's all that it needed to make me feel safe enough to ride it. Sure, I've dropped it a couple of times, but that's all about me learning my limits - isn't it? I've certainly learnt that I cant pick the poofta up... :p
  5. Hey guy's, I gotta say: The Sachs Roadster 650 has to be checked-out, it has a low seat height and is awesomely (is a word?) easy to ride. A1 Motorcycles in Brighton has a demo bike, I highly recommend taking it for a ride.
  6. It's pretty interesting that most of the short-arsed bikes are cruisers! :)

    I've got a few height challenged chick friends, one had a Honda Hornet 600 which was lowered and she found it was great for her (shes 5'0-5'1) :D
  7. So they finally hit the sales floors then...after the last 2 years at the Bike-Show... it's a DR650 engine or such?
    At the time pricing was around the $12.5-13k, way to high for what it is, methinks.
    The tacky red paintjob on the front calipers was a fly-in-the-soup...
    Spares could well be a worry in case of a stack I guess, standard-servicing parts should be easy thanks to it's donor-engine.
  8. Without a doubt in the world, the Sach's Roadster 650 would have to be the easiest bike I have ever ridden. It is low to the ground and they come with aftermarket rear shocks that can lower it further.

    I am 5'8" and had plenty of room to touch the ground with my feet and even had some length left. Give it a test run, you will be pleasantly surprised.
  9. And I am not even getting paid to say it. :D
  10. Just a general comment. Try and steer clear of the trail bikes. Most of these have greater ground clearance due to the style of riding. I'm about 1/2 inch under six foot and even sitting on a Honda SL230 felt high. VTR250's were also a little on the high side. Maybe I've got short legs!!
  11. I'm 5'8 and have had no problems getting both feet firmly planted on the ground with my 250 Katana or the Suzuki Bandit, the Honda CB250 is also good in terms of seat height.
  12. I hope you are not considering yourself a short rider!!?? :eek: :shock: I'm the same height and certainly don't consider myself short (not tall though)... some of the riders on this site struggle to get to 5' nothing - that extra 8 inches (and could we say that includes a 4" increase in crotch height?) really opens up a lot of choices for bikes and being able to touch (even on toes).
  13. Totally agree Boz - I'm about 5' 2 and I like to have more than my tippy toes on the ground!
    Cruisers seem to be the only types of bike above 250 that I can do that on. Often with the sport/tourer bikes I've sat on in showrooms, its the width of the seat that is a prob. too. Tends to push the legs out! :roll:
    I'm finding that when you get in to the 600s/750s etc, the extra weight of the bike makes that limited contact with the ground a bit of a concern - for me anyway!

    Makes the decision about whether to upgrade to a bigger bike that much more complicated :D !
  14. Sounds like you are in a similar situation as Mizz ZZR used to be - definitely contact her as she has had very similar experience.

    I would be betting that she would encourage an upgrade (I know she will never go back), and could provide some advice on possible alterations to a bike that will make it more usable by shorter people.
  15. Guys dont tend to have an issue with bike weight.. I'm about 5'7 and whilst I can touch the ground on my CBR, the weight is definently a factor when push the biatch backwards, on an incline etc. If the bike goes past my balance point (erm, like 20 degrees from the center :roll: ) then she's gonna go down cos I can't hold her..would be ten times worse with being on tip toe! :shock: :)
  16. Thanks Boz - sounds like a good idea...

    Being a gal going in to these stores all the salesguys wanna do is sell what's on the shop floor, not look at ways they can help you find what you need - most of the ones I've come across just say 'you'll be right once you're moving!'
    Do any of you guys know of bike stores that are interested in setting up sport/tourer type bikes for shorties??

    CBC - I hear ya! Being able to stay upright is kinda up there in my priorities! I know I can ride a bigger bike, but I don't wanna fall on my butt at lights or in my own garage! And then if I do drop it - I don't wanna have to flutter my eyelids and get someone to pick it up for me! He he!
  17. Not so much of knowing guys in the stored, but I can get you the name of the guy who lowered my friends Hornet 600 so you can chat about whats the lowest heights they can get different model bikes down to :)
  18. Thanks CBC, that would be great...
    No huge hurry - still got some cash to save before I go hunting seriously!
  19. I believe untame_me was chasing a bike to replace her current one when she comes off restrictions.