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Bikes for Kids

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/?page=news&action=fullnews&id=886

    Netrider donates a bike to this brilliant cause.

    Netrider joined the other 1300 generous people and donated a bike and helmet for an under privileged child.
    The distribution of the bikes will happen closer to Christmas and is sure to bring a smile to a child less fortunate.
    The Radiothon was conducted by 3AW on Thursday 26th of July 2007 for Variety, the childrens charity.
    Congratulations firstly to all the people who donated part of or an entire bicycle. A massive congratulations to 3AW for organising such a successful radiothon and last but not least a round of applause for Variety and all the work that they conduct throughout the year bringing smiles to faces of children.
    More information on Variety and the Bikes for Kids program can be found here;
  2. Well done Vic and Jason! :grin:

    Having been in the Special education field for over 7 years, I've had a lot of experience with Variety Club. They are a wonderful and dedicated bunch of people who go out of their way to put smiles on the faces of disadvantaged and disabled kids faces and they deserve our support. :) Whether it be their annual Christmas party, the free day at Moomba every year or donating spanking new mini buses for special schools, these people are always busy doing something good. :grin:

    I've seen Variety's work first hand. I know all too well the difficulties faced by the children they help and seeing those kids with beaming smiles is more than enough reason to support them. A spanking new bike is somewhat out of my budget at the moment, but I like to make whatever donation I can to Variety and I'm stoked that Netrider has made a contribution too. :grin:

    Guys and girls, when you're feeling generous and want to donate to a good cause, please consider Variey Club as a worthwhile recipient. They might not be trying to cure cancer or bring world peace but the sight of a smiling child (especially when their lives make ours look piss easy) can sometimes be bigger and more rewarding than you'd believe. :grin:
  3. how about next year, a month before the official radiothon, we hold our own netathon and see how much money we can raise.

    Every $200 gets a bike and helmet, lets try and make it a few bikes for next year....
  4. *Every* kid deserves a bike I think... I'm in for the next round.
  5. That's an awesome idea vic! :grin:
  6. Count me in anything I can do too help kids, that I will.
  7. Yep, definitely in on this too :cool:
  8. Im in, think its a great idea for a good cause