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Bikes for a tall, lanky bloke.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by golgy, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. Howdy folks,

    I've had a blast over the last couple of years - from the first moment I got my learners permit.

    With my eye to finally getting off restrictions, I've been casting my eye over the possible candidates. I don't want a litre bike - so i'm looking at the 600-750cc approximate range. All of the usual suspects have popped up - GXR600/750, ZX-6R, CBR600RR and of course the Daytona 675 which has definitely caught my eye ( It's different. I like different. )

    To make things quick - I'm a tall ( 6 foot 2 in the old measures ) skinny bloke. I've got mates who ride - so sitting on other bikes is not a particular problem. Call it over-preparedness or just anxious to get on something more fun, but I'd like to have a good idea of how much I'm up for and what I should be aiming towards.

    I'm aware that i'll probably have some discomfort being tall, but does anyone have horror stories of being uncomfortable with their ride, or general "Maker X is built for midgets" advice?
  2. Mate all those pure sports bikes are made for jockeys. Well not quite, but they exaggerate the size of anyone not in the 90 percentile.

    Have you considered something like a wee-strom or tiger?

    If you insist on a sports bike add the gsxr750 to the list. It might be built with a more western size in mind. 6'2" is not that tall so it might be enough.

    Maybe a slightly old sports bike. ZX9, Big tona? Both of these suite taller riders and are very good value.
  3. Yeah. I know that - everything around is just that little bit uncomfortable. I've just come to accept that, its not such a huge deal.

    No - not really. I'd prefer something a little sporty. I think i'd enjoy something mid-range, and not larger capacity. I'm open to suggestions - a Street Triple was one of the higher capacity bikes that was also suggested to me.

    Not really insist - but that's what I like. Already have the gixxer 750 on the list :)

    New is good for me. I like a fresh start. The 955 daytona i've heard is not the breakfast of champions, given that you've got one in your sig perhaps you can shed some light on pros/cons of the bike?
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by "breakfast of champions" but when first released it was reviewed with the 916 and Fireblade as being an open class contender and wasn't embarrassed. It's not a race track "only" bike like the latest breed of sports bike. Throughout it's life it was always reviewed as the better real world option even though it fell behind in outright contention.

    Considering the price you could go 2 years younger with a 'tona compared to a Jap 1000 and have a bike that was either the equivalent or even better. Anyway I'm sounding like a Triumph fanboi, which I'm not. I just see the value in them.

    If you are only after new, then it is out anyway.

    Size wise the Speed Triple would be a better solution to the Street Triple. to ride its not as mad as the capacity would indicate and the physical size of the bike would be more suited to you.
  5. I have ridden a V-Strom DL1000 now for a few years and it's a fun bike with a comfortable riding position for a taller bloke. It's a genuine dual sports and great on fire trails if not to much like goat-tracks. A great compromise; not too expensive unlike some other bikes mentioned above; goes "like a frog in a sock" and is fantastic in the twisties. There is nothing I don't like about it! I don't think I would even swap it for a BMW R1200gs, as their electrics, ABS system and gizmos are too complicated for a simpleton like me!
    hope this might help
    cheers bro'
  6. Ooohh...


    You KNOW you want one...
  7. hi
    6'2" myself

    so got a DRZ 400 SM Motard to start with (over 30 so wasn't needing it for long) but have now had it for over 18 months.

    Way too much fun and keeps up with all the sports bikes up to the legalish speeds.

    Still always looking of other bikes (who doesnt when it comes to liking things with two wheels) but really is best thing to do the workhorse job during the week through the traffic (in a fun way) and to blast around on the weekends.

    Am contemplating a bigger motard or maybe a Duke 690R .. but no money to permit a change and really cant see anything being any more fun (yes most are faster, but cornering is where its at).

    cool bananas

  8. Hey Golgy I'm 6'2 and comfort isn't an issue on my zx6-r. 30 min commute each way to & from work plus longer rides on weekends with no problems.

    Depends what sort of riding you'll be doing though I guess, never spent longer than 4hrs in the saddle. Once you get off restrictions, test ride test ride test ride til you find the ONE
  9. Yup, fully intend to. Would like to have an idea of what i need to book for a test ride ( so i can book in advance ). Currently, the Daytona 675 is looking *mighty* impressive, and i haven't heard a bad word about them yet.
  10. Good day... I'm 6ft4 and weighing in at 85kg for the last 35 years or so. (My wife says my weight is pretty boring... jealously I'm sure!!) If you are thinking of a V-Strom hold off and compare the Yammy TDM900. Read the test comparison between the V strom and the Yammy It will tell you that the Yammy kills the V on the bitumen in the handling and economy area. The only place where the V outshines the Yammy is on gravel roads. I was going to buy a new one but got diverted to a 2005 Suzi GSX750F with 12xxx on the clock. ( a great bike for a retread after 30 odd years). The time will come when I get the Yammy maybe next ytear

    Best of luck and enjoy the ride

    Stay safe
  11. The KTMs and the Aprilia are both pretty good for tall guys, I know you're looking for a sportsbike, but maybe look into the KTM Superduke and the Aprilia Tuono, they both go like the clackers and they're big bikes, would be comfy for anyone 6'+
  12. What about the 650? I've had both and the 650 kills the 1000, especially in the tight stuff.

    Have you thought about a zx7? Getting a bit long in the tooth now but I had one for a couple of years and loved it. Could ride it most of the day without any physical repercussions.

    + 1 on the motards also. If I had a spare $10-15000 lying around I would have one in a second!
  13. Man we should start collecting mixed metaphors on this forum

    p.s. I'm as guilty as anyone.
  14. Any of the Triumph Tigers. ;)

    2007ish CBR1000RR had an alarming amount of legroom/comfort for someone my height, though I only sat on a friend's one for a few moments and haven't actually ridden it.

    VFRs always seemed to have a decent amount of legroom too.
  15. Damn you were quick! Edited it after I read it and just noticed your comment now!
  16. I'll punt in and say that the motard crowd is definitely up there in my stakes for rider ergonomics. I'm also 6'2"/90kg and find a lot of the more recent jap sportbikes cramped. I do like the older models though, and am eyeing off a local GSX-R1100 at the moment... if you're into the retro game then the world is your oyster as prices on a lot of late 80s to early 90s bikes are rock bottom ATM.

    On ergonomics, the new BMW S1000RR is supposed to be quite good for taller fellows (as are their bikes in general). Their F800 parrallel twin has also received good reviews and may be the kind of machine you're after? Not a lightspeed rocket by any measure, but it'd be a good all-rounder.

    I've also found Hyosung to be quite good, as they're a decent size and (for me) reasonably comfortable. I know they may have a bad rep, but its still something to think about.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. I test rode the Daytona 675 when they first came out and I found it very small and a little uncomfortable. Cramped leg position and very bum up/head dow a bit like a 916-998 Ducati. I'm 6'2" and about 90kg. I was more comfortable on my old 2004 GSX-R600. As it was going to be my road bike I ended up test riding a Speed Triple as well and ended up buying one of them and have had it for 3 years and don't want to change yet. A much better real world bike in my opinion. If you are going to do lots of track days maybe get the Daytona but I bought an Aprilia RS250 for track work. About as comfy as the Daytona but only used for short stints on trackdays.
  18. I read the thread title as "blonde"...very disappointing.
  19. i'm 6'4 and i ride a zx-6r, but i stop around every hour when i ride usually, so doesn't really worry me.
  20. 6'1 here. I found the daytona 675s riding position horrid for my height. Bum up, head down near the road. Of course discomfort is forgotten once the engine spins up. If I go for one I'd need bar risers as I tour sometimes.