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bike's down thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by abvc, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. #1 abvc, Apr 24, 2009
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    my bike's down yesterday. i was completely sadden.

    it happened while i was minding my own business browsing through for xena lock's batteries in bunnings. a bloke came in, tap my shoulder, asked 'was that your bike outside?'. 'yes'. 'i knocked it over'. oh my god!.

    we went outside, inspected damage... broken rear brake lever, grazed right fairing mid + bottom, grazed bar end, grazed right mirror, scratched frame, the spool took the brunt of damage on the swingarm.

    nevertheless we traded details, brought the bike to peter stevens ringwood which swiftly helped my ordeal. racv next door couldn't be much better.

    he already lodged a claim, and finger cross the paper works and the jobs are going soon.

    3 plusses for peter steven's workshop department. now i'm riding without rear brake for at least one or two weeks. :(

  2. FARK!!

    3 Plusses to PS!!

    How good is the geezer admitting fault???

    Am I dreamin or what?

    Lucky guy :wink:
  3. very close call :wink:

    still, it broke my heart :-({|=
  4. :cry: for your bike,

    but you seemed to at least get an honest guy who hit you and not going to hold up the payment process. To come looking for you and find you is a good sign. Hopefully a quick recovery :)
  5. EEEk.

    now I'll have to find a new bunnings... :)

    Glad you weren't sat on it, hope it all turns out OK.
  6. good on the bloke for finding you!

    its a shame the bikes down :( but you are ok, and he admitted it. not enough people like that around :)
  7. Pity to hear mate, Mine's out too.... possibly permanently :facepalm:

    Hope you get back on the road soon :wink:
  8. Yeah, how about "three plusses" for the poor bloke who knocked it over. Good on him for having the guts to tell you. Doesn't happen too often these days... :)
  9. I get that sinking in the chest feelin just reading it. Its a sad story with a (hopefuly) happy ending -

    errr, any thoughts on a new bike perhaps?
  10. Sorry to hear that, hope it makes a speedy recovery.

    +1 its a rare occurrence to find an honest person in a carpark these days. I had someone scrape the side of my car at Knox shopping center and left no note.
  11. Mine just dropped to :(

    the rear tyre was flat. Flat enough for it to topple.
    scratched right side, flat type

    Robbie from Motorcycle logistics came to pick up the bike to bring to Peter from Everything 2 wheels.

    Top bloke this Robbie.
  12. That sucks, sorry to hear that erewego...

    Least you got the repairs happening in double quick time. You'll be back riding in no time.

    Edit: Virtual Freddo for Robbie lol
  13. The guy owned up?!?!?!??!!!! Brilliant, I wouldn't really give two hoots about the broken bits, someone else is paying, how many stories do you read on here about people finding broken bikes with no details etc...
  14. That sucks. A friend of mine's bike was knocked over the other day too.

    Good on the guy for coming and finding you, but it's a bit sad that it's so rare.
  15. you have a friend? lord help us all

    good to see there are some honest people left out there