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bikes cheaper to run than cars? .. uhmm no!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by geoffbickle, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. i dont know about other papers, but the adelaide advertiser has had 2 articles recently basically saying that bikes were much cheaper to run than cars..

    they had a picture of a girl in the last one on her new gsxr600..hmm i dont think she'll be saving money!!

    All the car drivers who keep telling me that bikes are cheaper to run than their cars obviously havnt owned a bike before.

  2. They probably should just add "bikes are cheaper to run than cars....with a similar level of performance".
  3. My EA Falcon is on gas and its more economical to run than our VTR1000 and on par with my ZX6R. The tyres are cheaper too. I probably let it get too overdue for services as I drive it very sedately and don't ask too much of it. But the bikes are always maintained and nice, as I expect top performance from them, otherwise why ride? Insurance for bikes is dearer too.
  4. A few years ago it was about 50-50, but because cars de-value so hard these days I'd say bikes are marginally cheaper. There wouldn't be much in it.
  5. Isn't it perverse? On the one hand the popular press leads the 'eeek we'll all be killed by the mad motorcyclists' push, and then in almost the same breath promotes bikes as being cheaper to run. They're wrong on both counts..........
  6. my ZZR is light years ahead of my old XF Falcon when it comes to economy - no contest at all
  7. better not let the wife see this....

    She's convinced that if i get a bike we'll save some money. (not that she's convinced it's a good idea yet)... i just want it to ride....course im not after a gas guzzling power beast.....still i think it'll work out about even with the Corolla we have.... most likely a fair bit better than the Integra though
  8. My bike is cheaper than the car, $60 of fuel per week for the car compared with $20 (At the most) for the bike and constant problems with the car means bigger servicing bills ore often (Damm VN Commodores).
  9. I'm not so sure about this. I believe it depends entirely on the bike. I have a Kia Cerato (2Ltr) sedan. My R1150R, ridden sensibly, gives almost the same fuel economy as the Cerato. The Cerato cost $470/year to insure, the R1150R $380. A service on the Cerato is around $250, the R1150R about the same, although service intervals on the Cerato are 15000 and 12000 on the BMW. Tyres on the bike are more expensive, and don't last as long, but on the car you have to replace 4. I reckon the bike is cheaper to run overall than the Cerato, but not by much.
  10. Doonks , if your car was on gas you would notice the huge difference. I filled the EA up today, 49 cents/litre , 64 litres= $ $29.00 ( with coles docket :) ) That car will now do 400 kays easy. My ZX6 would cost me $26.00 ( aprox) to do the same. Add my husbands bike ( Firestorm ) when we're travelling, and the car is a cheaper alternative, not to mention tyre costs etc. Having said that I hate driving!!! Ive told my kids when they turn 18 Im selling the car ( for $7.50 )
  11. If we all drive our cars like we rode our bikes there would be a significant difference in economy, but how often does everyone rev out the car engine to red line in every gear??? Apart from me of course. :p
  12. How do parts compare? Thats usually the killer with bikes. Although that is another area that cars have gotten worse on.

    I'm suprise the BM's fuel economy is that bad
  13. That's a good question, and I don't know the answer as both are less than a year old. The BMW is a bit more economical than the Cerato, but I kept the comparison simple. The Cerato however is a particularly economical car.
  14. @ the moment cars on gas get better fuel consumption than bikes,thats y im still driving to wrk.
  15. The biggest factor IMO is that with a car I don't need to be constantly buying new safety gear. Apart from that, I reckon it would be on par with a decent car.
  16. My ZRX1200R costs more to run the the other halfs 2004 Lancer, my Diversion 900 costs less to run than the other halfs 2004 lancer.

    Of course the Diversion isn't typical of most large bikes... shaft drive, no liquid cooling, narrow tyres, cheap servicing and cheap comprehensive insurance combine to achive running costs more like a 250 commuter than a typical large sports bike.

    The tyres on the ZRX1200R are the killer... $550 a set and about 7000kms max a set. I can tyre the Diversion for $400 a set and I get 12,000kms out of them.
  17. it TOTALLY depends on the bike/car. no blanket argument could possibly ring true either way :roll:

    my ZX7R is a bit of a guzzler for a bike, gets bugger all out of tyres and isn't exactly cheap to service. but compare it to the alst car i had, and its sitting pretty. the old chev powered HQ ute may have cost bugger all to service, but the fuel costs with that holley 650 was ridiculous and rear tyres didn't seem to last all that long either :?

    and my GFs old GPX250.... that would have given even the most economical car a good run for its money. i dont know a lot of vehicles that will get near 400km to a tank that costs less than $20 to fill. plus tyres are cheap for it and last much longer than sports tyres and it was happy with cheap fuel and cheap oil.

    the reason most of us have a bike that is less economic than their car is that we ride for FUN. if we all drove for fun, the car would be just as expensive. fark, my dads mate just bought a clubsport, got a nail in his tyre and they said they cant repair it. $600 later he has a new tyre on it, now THATS economy :LOL: if we all rode little 50cc scooters, i'm sure they'd be economic, but about as much fun as driving a toyota echo :oops:
  18. Toyota Soarer insurance - $990 p/a.
    Kawasaki GPX250 insurance - $208 p/a.

    Toyota Soarer fuel bill - $80 per 350ks.
    Kawasaki GPX250 fuel bill - $15 per 350ks.

    Toyota Soarer initial cost - $14,000.
    Kawasaki GPX250 initial cost - $2,300.


  19. How can you compare a ZRX1200R to a lancer?

    Compare the lancer to a CB250 or something like that :LOL:

    Compare the ZRX1200R to the cost of running a sports car
  20. You can't compare the cost of car tyres to bike tyres. None of us would risk putting cheap sh!t tyres on the bike, there is too much at stake, but the option is there. Put performance tyres on the car and look how much you will be paying, and if you use the performance it will chew them out just as much.