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Bikes being shipped overseas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hondawinning, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. I just wanted to share something interesting that I came across at work recently.
    I'm working in the warehouse of a logistics company and a couple of times a week we get truckloads of bikes dropped off.
    I'm told that they get shipped to China and sold there. Some have stickers (see photo) that identify them as write offs, but some appear to be in perfect condition. About 50% are rideable (we may or may not ride them around the warehouse) and the other 50% damaged.
    Almost all are pretty top end bikes (lots of Street Triples, CBR1000s, BMW S1000RRs).

    Does anyone know what the deal is with these bikes?! The badly damaged/written off ones I can understand, but the others are a mystery. At the very least it brightens my day at work considerably! o_O
    IMG_1291.JPG IMG_1292.JPG

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  2. Undamaged bikes getting shipped overseas amongst write offs...............nothing sus.
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  3. Nowhere near as bad as all the stolen hiluxs and cruisers that end up exported to terrorists....

    Bu yeah, the statutory write off regs haven't really stopped the whole industry of rebadging stolen vehicles, just changed the dynamics of it. Like most other industries, it's just sent jobs overseas.
  4. This has been going on for ages, hence the insane price some damaged bikes achieve at auctions.
    Not too long ago someone was busted shipping "scrap metal" to China which in fact were complete motorcycles.
  5. All it takes is a scratch on the frame and its a stat writeoff assumed to be never to be ridden again.
    A decent lowside will make it a economic writeoff which in some states means it can't be re-registered or not before a VIV which is a bureaucratic nightmare.

    If your suspecting foulplay take note of the VIV and enter it into your states rego checker or more interestingly a PPSR check for $4 to see if their is a conspiracy such as them re-homing financed or stolen bikes.
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  6. Now that you mention it, a lot of the bikes do have auction house stickers on them. If they were stolen though, would the auction house actually sell them at auction? Seems like a big risk for a legit business to take..

    In a twist, the bikes get stolen from our warehouse regularly!
  7. "stolen and recovered" would be auctioned
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