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Bikes are awesome!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by POPEYE, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. I never really thought about how much time is saved on a bike commuting until recently, so I decided to time myself on the bike the & car the last three weeks and compare.

    I have one of the worst commutes in Sydney Kingsford to Norwest business park via Anzac parade & the M2 (about 46km).

    Here are the average times on the bike:

    Bike - 43 min northbound
    Car - 56 min northbound
    Difference 13min

    Bike - 56 min southbound
    Car - 76 min southbound
    Difference 17min

    Time saved
    30min a day
    150min a week
    Approximately 7500min / 125 hours a working year!!!

    This route just keeps getting worse & worse at in the afternoon, I think I would go insane if I had to drive, I am sure I don't need to remind everyone of this but I thought I would share it anyway
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  2. Yup, good stuff, And its not a matter of speeding is it, more that you can get to the front of the queue at each light and not have to wait for car drivers to stop texting, engage brain, engage gear, push loud pedal - repeat x how ever many drivers...

    Car does have major benefit in the rain though!
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  3. Pffft, after riding in the rain I don't have to shower so there are even more time and cost savings ;)
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  4. Mate I work with people who think 1hr 30min is a good time to get to work from where I live, plus $10 a day parking in Melbourne, so here's the daily comparison:

    1hr each way = 2 hr

    $7/day petrol
    45 min each way = 1.5 hr

    $13/day (petrol)
    $10/day (parking)
    1hr 30min each way = 3 hr

    I have a large bike so my petrol consumption is slightly high, but my parking in Melbourne is free plus I get an extra half hour over public transport, or 45 minutes over car. Why would you not ride a motorbike?
  5. Ah - BUT - you have to use the tumbledryer to get all your gear dry enough for the next day. So more time spent on "housework" - and until they turn on the desal plant electricity costs more than water ;-)
  6. Bullshit. What about all the time at

    - track days
    - aimlessly riding in the hills
    - sitting with a cold beer and staring at your bike as it cools in the garage
    - the endless washing with a toothbrush (not me- i've only heard about this one)
    - popcorn eating on netrider
    - maintenance / repairs
    - browsing every single accessory website for your bike
    - countless visits to bike shops just to look
    - hospital

    etc, etc

    Don't be fooled people! Motorcycling takes your life and money.

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  7. No no no, what you do is ride faster the next day and everything air dry's. You have to let nature do your housework. :sneaky:
  8. Maybe in endless summer land lol, but I'm from Melbourne so no doubt it would be raining the next day...:meh:
  9. That's the good stuff!!!