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Bikes and...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CodeBlueChick, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Motorcycles take up a fair bit of my time.. if I am not on my bike, I am at a motorsport (preferably bikes) event doing medical...its so hard watching all the racers :wink: I rarely miss a Superbike/MotoGP telecast on Tv...etc.. BUT do people have a life other than bikes? I do have other hobbies.. that just dont get done as much :roll:

    So what do you do when your not working or riding? :D
  2. snowboarding, soccer, beach and drinking!
  3. i'm still not really sure :? i stuff around with xboxs a bit and computers but thats more for the money now than anything. trying to get off my ass and do some mountainbiking, keen as to get into that at the moment. you'd think after 6 months without a licence i would have found something else, but no :?
  4. Hmm.. I waste a fair bit of time on the net..but I am technically not a geek.. would be interested in getting my SCUBA cert (money!), travelling more (money!), dirt bikes (money!), want to do a hot air balloon ride.. erm..everything I like takes money .... I guess I have expensive tastes :? :roll:
  5. go skydiving instead of the hot air balloon ride, its a much greater rush :twisted:
  6. Other hobbies?

    I enjoy flying planes and ultralights (not the rag and tube type, the ones that look like small planes).

    I find flying a well powered 2 seater ultralight on a nice day over pretty country gives a feeling like touring in the mountains gives on bikes :)

    I also enjoy looking through the telescope at the night sky when I get the time (not as much as I like... I suspect I have one too many hobbies ;-)
  7. Who needs a hobby with work and a pregnant girlfriend?

    Oh and restoring a classic britt bike. :D

  8. Cars, computers, mountain bikes, PS2, roller blading (badly... I can't stop) and seeing my girlfriend if I have time.
  9. If I'm not working or riding I can be found on line (like right now!! wow, thats spooky), or tinkering in my shed, or spending time with my kids, or trying not to upset my pregnant wife (bloody hormones).
  10. Now this is starting to get really spooky! :shock: :-k
    Obviously some of us need to concentrate on doing much more riding, and not what else we do when were not riding ... it seems to lead to a singular outcome otherwise. :shock:

    Given the above, maybe that's a good thing? :)
  11. I predict a baby boom 40 weeks from last Wednesday night 8) :LOL:
  12. Either you think there's nothing better to do on cold, wet, stormy nights or your trying to tell us all some news Deb? :LOL:
  13. Unless I'm the Virgin Mary, that aint about to happen :shock: :shock: :roll:

    unless of course I produce offspring that run on Duracell in 40 weeks :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Get on-line occasionally, play the mandolin (badly), play the guitar (very badly) and am an amateur radio operator but difficult to do that when riding
  15. Really? I'm licensed too... I didn't include that in my hobby list because despite having a shack in the shed I barely find time to get onto the club net these days (like I said too many hobbies!)

  16. I like gadgets... any sort of gadget, preferably home built.

    current project (of many just sitting in the shed half done, cos I always get another cool idea) is a CNC mill. Maybe soon I'll be able to make parts from a cad file on a pooter, straight to my very own milling machine.

    also digital photography, really enjoyable, but I suck at it :roll:

    taxiing #1 daughter to her soccer, bloody started already, I thought it was a winter sport? I'm a proud dad, she's playing her second premier league season and is still 15 8) 8)

    Looking after my wife, who has a brain tumor :( , but trying not too be too much of a "mum", cos she likes to be indepedent. Thankfully, she's not pregnant :wink:

  17. being a carer for a loved one is a full time job , and emotional and physically draining when the person is very ill.
    Independance in any medical condition is there last hold on reality, once someone loses there independance they feel that they lose there dignaty as well.
    There are supports out there to help with these situations and should be used when the time comes for everyones sake, yours , theres and your familys .
  18. My hobbies away from riding my bike are riding my mountainbike on dirt tracks around Jells park, surfing down at the holiday house at Aireys Inlet and tinkering about with computer things or playing my Xbox o yea ….or having BBQ’s with my mates and getting drunk (well the drunk bit, not as much as I used to)
    Just about forgot...im trying to get into Digital phytography too got my self a nice new Nikon D70 so I don’t have to spend lotsa cash of film development
  19. Luckilly, most of the time she's perfectly fine, it's only the monthly chemo that causes tiredness, frustration etc. Thats when I get worried and try to be too helpful.

    Should find out if we're winning soon, had an MRI done on wednesday ($540), and we see the oncologist and neurosurgeon next week.

    With any luck, I'll need a new hobby then :wink:

  20. I hear that a certain PDA gets a severe pounding as well :p