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Bikes and sales jobs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WowlTurkey, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. Recent accident put my personal training career on hold temporarily.

    I'm now in the sales fields, and my job has be travelling to different businesses through Sydney to make presentations blah blah blah.

    Question is: If you don't have and saddle bags, what do you do with jacket and helmet?

    I guess i will get a rear rack in time, and I have seen, (for example: At the mall) people just leave their helmets in plain view on their bikes, but i'm afraid it'd be stolen or dropped or something stupid?

    Any sales people here that ride bikes around during the day??
  2. Locking helmet to helmet lock under seat or use cable long through helmet and wheel. Or a solid seat top luggage system, but they can be pricey.
  3. I take my gear with me.
  4. small push bike chain like 30-40cm around either bars or headlight frame, helmet off on to tank, chain around chin, (takes no time), personally i leave my jacket on the tank and hope someone steals it so i can justify a new one, but when i wanted to keep my jacket i would put the chain though a hole in the jacket (could be sleeve, buckle, or what i used is that hanging dodad near the collar).
  5. I've seen a bike parked at KNOX in Melbourne a few times with a long cable going through both arms of a jacket that looks like its just resting over the tank with an arm down both sides, and helmet chained to the back.
  6. An age old problem, hey.

    I have a hard case that fits two helmets. Sometimes I use it for my helmet, but most often I clip it on the side of the bike. My hard case fits all my riding gear - boots, jacket, overpants ... not really suitable for a small bike though.

    My jacket is the three part type, a liner for rain, a liner for warmth and a final protection layer. In warm weather the protection layer is great because I can leave it on and not be too hot when I get off the bike.

    Locking the helmet and jacket to the bike is creative but I'd tend to just keep riding rather or take my gear with me!
  7. Done, I like it.
  8. I had an ex talk me into locking 2 helmets to the bike while we went shopping at Birkenhead.

    I just used the chin straps and the helmet lock on the bike.

    Came back 2 hours later to find just the buckles attached to the lock. They'd cut the strap. ](*,) :facepalm:
  9. I wondered if that type of thing happened! Soo frustrating.

    A bit stupid cutting the strap, pretty much ruins the helmet!

    How did you get home? Riding without helmets?
  10. man that sucks, no wonder why she's your ex... it's pretty funny what lengths and lows people will go to lol
  11. She lived at Leichardt so not too far to go. Had no choice but to chance it without helmets. Luckily made it without incident.

    Think the sort of people that do it probably wear t shirts and shorts when they ride so no strap would'nt bother them as long as they look cool.

    On a side note. I made her feel so bad she bought me a newy. But gee wasn't it unfortunate she could not afford a second one for herself. Had to go riding ALL by myself. And I HATE that! :---)
  12. You're such an 'upbeat' kind of guy! Looking for the positive side of a rotten situation ... having to ride solo.

    So you had a taste for helmetless riding ... you didn't become an addict?
  13. might like to invest in a helmet bag :)
  14. Lock your helmet to your bike but make sure you leave your leather jacket on at all times. Gives you that tough appeal to anyone who sees you, and if you're really lucky and have decent shoulder padding you will also look heaps bigger than you are. That's how I get the girls
  15. I have seen a 'steel mesh' sort of bag advertised, that is like a string bag, that you slip your helmet into, and then lock the bag to the bike with the helmet lock.

    Was in AMCN and two wheels. Looked like it offered the protection you are looking for.

    Cannot for the life of me remember the name though.;
  16. I've seen those cable covered helmet bags and was thinking about it, but now I'm going to get a lockable top box and bracket on the back. I do know it's not totally secure, but as my bike is used for commuting etc, I thought it would be worth the expense, esp the waterproof element.
  17. Still single huh?
  18. nope. the idea is that you wont be taking the bike anywhere without your helmet & they can come back at their leisure and steal the bike.
  19. Ehh never thought of that. I've never left a bike though. I once pushed my blade 5 km rather than leave it.

    Birdman wrote
    Nah got that out of my system as a teen on motorcross bikes. Also had long curly hair but not long enough for a ponytail. Not good on a bike. And the wind noise spoils it for me.

    Sometimes the negatives outweigh the positives but there IS always a positive.
  20. I don't know if it is exactly the same thing you are talking about but I either put all my stuff in my ventura bag or a backpack and secure it to the bike with the pacsafe 55.

    You can buy it from a lot of the outdoors stores like paddy pallin or mountain designs.