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bikers taken out by cops with bats

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Wypuk, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. "home run" equils brain damage and death... :shock:
  2. If these riders have been doing all the things the voiceover claims, they deserve it. It's brutal justice, but what can you do? Not a lot of ways to stop a motorcyclist that doesn't wanna be stopped without hurting him.
  3. Well looks like capital punishment is the preferred way to deal with hooligans :shock:

    As loz said FFS
  4. Put a fan in the door of a coffee shop to waft the smell onto the roadway?
  5. Oi...lay off the Ducati FFS.....when is enough, a bloody nuff!!
  6. You have just gotta love Asian style law enforcement!
  7. you could chase till they crash... that seems to be the norm for police.
  8. Absolutely....when they should really be giving them a cuddle and sending them home with a lollipop.....
  9. like said, if they've been doing what is said they've been doing, they deserve a bat to the head.
  10. yup.. if they think its OK to "run over innocent pedestrians" then a bat to the head, or some wire across the road (aka "stone") is exactly what they deserve.
  11. From the same country that has only 3 police RBT units, a newspaper that publishes the exact RBT locations, and a new year's eve road death-toll of over 900 people (yes, nine hundred):

    Yeah, start with the motorcyclists. Jackasses.
  12. Behave in traffic or the cops will start using bats.