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Bikers overwhelm local cops with highway stunt show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JimmyD, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. i found this highly amusing.

    think of the kittens.

    motorcycle stunt riders turn local police into gawkers


  2. Love the comments. That's an epic troll to get in straight off the blocks. Bwahaha.
  3. I thought I was reading netrider there for a second.............
  4. resting one arm on the window is not using full control of the vehicle.
    the officer should be ticketed!
    plus not watching where he is going.........:eek:wned:
  5. Given the fairly relaxed demeanour of the cop in the photo, I'm inclined to think that the event was not exactly outlaw.
  6. Lmao at them filtering through the cop road block :p

    And man I wish I could wheelie, let alone doing that stuff.
  7. p0rn!!!!!
  8. Everyone has a line. Doing a wheelie down the wrong side of a freeway crossed mine.

    The Kansas guys the article incorrectly attributed Ride of the Century to are these guys:

    Loving their vids atm.
  9. Yeah I didn't realise he was on the other side of the road until I showed my brother the vid and he pointed it out. Now that IS stupid.
  10. Holy shit, up to the bit with the guy in the blue pants standing on the bike backwards, I'm like yeah that's enough he can't go for much longer, then his just using his phone or something, just keeps going and going haha
  11. kids and their facebook addictions these days.... [-(
  12. excellent