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Bikers in Redland QLD, particularly in Cleveland...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by B1K3R, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hi dudes,

    Change of plans....relocation to Sydney has changed....to Brisbane...

    So I have been looking at Cleveland in Redlands area. Does anyone has experience of everyday commute by bike from here to CBD?

    How long does it take ye? which route do ye take?

    Heh, this will help me (combined with another 1000 variables) to choose the right suburb cause I don't want to commute for more that 45 minutes to CBD..

    PS: Sorry its a like similar post but different place...

  2. oh Lord....is this place then a bikers dead land??? 8-[
  3. so your off to bris are you?
  4. kinda hard to say time wise and depends on if police monitor the lane splitting.
    Redlands is a way out, so might be close to 40- 45 minutes depending on time of day.

    Any reason for redlands?
  5. I bought my bike from Capalaba. My Brisbane geography is a tad hazy, I don't know the place real well, but I then stayed at the Alexendra Hills hotel which I believe is out that way. Granted I left at 5am so can't comment on what peak hour is like, but it was a very quick trip across the gateway and I was past the CBD turn offs very quickly. Only problem is that the gateway is tolled :(

    That being said, I am completely lost in Bris, so I could be on a totally incorrect track.
  6. If you don't want to commute for more than 45 min, living southside would be your best bet...Greenslopes..Mount Gravatt. Eight Mile plains. etc. So where you can just hop onto the pacific highway direct into the city.

    Depending where you work in the cbd there's also the underground Clem7 tunnel($) off the pacific which bypasses a lot of traffic and takes you to Bowen Hills.
  7. just go live in the gold coast :)
  8. Yes mate, I think it will suite me, wife and 4 year old better....Apart from this, we are finding it much less expensive and job wise is kinda same in IT for me. For a 2 bed unit in Brighton or a house in the Hills, you get a 3 bed house with pool, garage, garden close to CBD and beach.....so, coundn't resist :)

    Hmmm, so police in Brissy do take lane splitting very seriously...damn...

    Redlands.....I have no idea about areas in Brisbane. Just made research and read a lot. It was either between somewhere in redlands or maybe wynnum/sandland or even North Lakes. They told me its better North if you have family you'd be heading to the sun shine coast. I have 2 cousins in Gold Coast so, if I live a bit south it will be easier to meet....

    Cleveland looked like a nice place, there's a good school, shopping center is fine, little harbour...dunna know mate...

    What's your 2 cents?

    Cheers for feedback mate!

    Thanks mate. That sounds good. I wish I could be closer to the sea though...

    Hehehe, not a bad idea mate, but work for me will be surely in Brisbane CBD...

  9. Nice choice in my opinion. Don.t live there any more, but i'm born and bred Redlands, lived there for over 20 years (of the 24 i've been alive).

    Do NOT live anywhere on the northside or towards Ipswich if you want a quick commute. There's only a couple roads into the city and they get jammed up virtually every day.

    As far as the Redlands suburbs go, Cleveland, Thornlands, Wellington Point and Capalaba are all ok. Personally I dislike the Wynnum/Manly area (nice places, the people though...).

    The Gateway is definitely not the best way to the city - i'd be happy to show you a couple of the better ways once you're up here though. Feel free to drop a PM with any other questions too.

  10. Thanks mate!!!

  11. I live at Manly West, so a little up the coast (and no, there is noting wrong with Manly people!).
    As said the commute will take you around 40-50 minutes from there. The easiest route would be Old Cleveland Rd to Wynnum Rd, over the storey bridge into the city. After that there are a lot of back routes you can take which will help with the traffic. Another alternative (favourite of mine) would be Old Cleveland to Meadowlands to Stanley Rd, and then into the city via a couple of alternatives. Over the gateway is actually not bad in teh mornings as well, if you are early enough.
    The good thing is that there are options to get into the city, so if the traffic is bad one way you have some good alternative routes.
  12. I'm not familiar with that area. Just going to give you a word of warning.... avoid toyota taragos like the plague!!!!!
  13. Redlands is nice enough and you're right the schools are ok and good for the family.

    Commute-wise - with splitting you'll probably make the CBD in under 45. Police have been known to have the occasional blitz on splitting, but in nearly 3 years now I've only been stopped once, and at $80 and no demerits I consider it a perfectly reasonable fee for being able to split every day.

    I commute in from The Gap in the very pleasant bike-magnet leafy NW where my trip to CBD would be just over 20 minutes - also a very good school and family area.

    I dont actually work right in the CBD at the moment so Im not sure how early the limited free parking spots get taken - but I'd be surprised if you can still find one after 8am - so you might have to be an early starter unless you want to start paying for parking.
  14. 730 am the free parking in turbot is pretty full 8 am or later you have to be very lucky to get a free park.
  15. Perfect!!! Thanks guys. I'm very happy with what I've read! :)

  16. i swear when samoans move to the country they must get a discount 'Tarago' voucher :p