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Bikers Gear Gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by anthony_p01, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Up until recently I'd been wearing Shift Hybrid-X gloves.....until one wet day I wore them and I decided to not switch to the DriRider Nordics.

    So the Hybrids got soaked, and then I put them in front other heater for a while when I got to the office.....Seemed like a plan until I forgot about them and soon they were overdone and the leather on the palms wasn't looking too good. Once I uncurled the fingers and put them on, I noticed cracks in the leather....and to cut a long story short - they were soon stuffed.

    So after suffering through hot days with the DriRiders, and getting home from work to be told to go and wash my hands to get rid of the sweat smell........"but I washed them twice already"......"well go and do it again!!!!!"

    ........I finally decided to buy some new gloves.

    I looked at various "name" brands, and then recently I got an email with weekly specials from Bikers Gear on EBay. I'd purchased some pants from them a few years ago and decided to see what gloves they had......and there was the answer.

    The EBay listing calls them "New BG Kevlar Leather Knuckle Protection Gloves XLarge" and they look like this........


    So for $29.95 (plus shipping) how do they perform?

    After they arrived on Monday, it was raining so today was the first time I got to wear them on the bike but they are super comfortable, provide great ventilation (although a really hot day will be a good test - the temp has cooled a bit) and I'm hoping the protection factors will not need to be tested!

    Basically I wanted some gloves that not only looked good, but were comfortable and cool to wear, and didn't feel too bulky.

    The palms are made of a double layer of Clarino (which I Googled and was impressed with its properties), the tops have the carbon/kevlar knuckle protection, surrounded by leather, and then there's more clarino and lycra as well as various ventilation areas on top......

    The good thing was that I didn't feel like I was actually wearing gloves at all.

    Obviously it's only my first day with them, and it was only for 20 minutes this morning, but I'm very happy with them and look forward to many kms of wear from them.

    So if you are in the market for some new gloves, check out Bikers Gear.

  2. Nice review - will be interested to see what you think of them after a week or two of use.

    Any gloves that feel like no gloves, but still protect your mitts sound like a winner to me! :p
  3. Well it's been a week of riding with the new gloves, with some hot and long rides and the new gloves have been great. No smelly and sweaty hands and they feel great. Very happy!
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  5. I once turned up at phillip island for a track day sans my back protector. No big deal u may say, but I feel naked when i ride without it on the road, let alone when riding the fastest circuit on the gp calendar. Anyway after ringing a couple of bike shops around the island, who offered me a dainese for well over $200, I drove into main st of cowes as I had seen the Bikers Gear store there before. They didnt open til 10am (it was 9am), but I rang the mobile number on the shopfront and the owner was kind enough to come in early to sort me out. Anyway i managed to buy one for $45 or thereabouts and managed to get back to the track without missing a session! needless to say I was very happy with their service, but the quality of the product was pretty damn good too. Good to hear others are happy with their purchases.
  6. I love Biker's Gear [ferntree gully]. I've got my whole kit off of them, and they're great! Cheap, but great quality- for example, my boots cost $140, they're comfortable enough to walk in, and when I had my off, the gear shifter ended up diggin into my foot (while wearing the boots) and I walked away with a sprained ankle :D

    Glad to see others think the same.
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  8. Who WAS Omartred (I believe)
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  10. they do sell go stuff at great prices.

    but those things I think are probably motocross gloves.
    if that's rubber on the finger tips and joints. not a real clever design for street use. would likely exacerbate any injury sustained.