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Bikers Gear Australia

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mattychops, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Just wondering what people think of Bikers Gear Australia down in Phillip Island?

    I went down there this weekend hoping to buy a jacket, pants and boots but only ended up getting the jacket. I tried on every type of leather jacket in the shop that had at least a back protector in it. I only found ONE that fit/felt comfortable, at $179 I'm pretty happy with it, but I dont really know much about the quality of the jackets. I think the leather isnt as thick as better jackets, it's apparently 1.3mm thick.

    Didnt find any leather pants or boots that fit properly.

  2. Are YOU happy with it?

    If yes, excellent.

    It beats riding around with a T-shirt.

    If no, see above.
  3. Yes I am happy with the jacket. Except for the sizing, it fits great and feels comfortable except for at the neck, I couldn't work out why it was irritating me at first. But I've just realised that the jacket is too long and pushes into my neck and sometimes chokes me, which also makes it hard to do good head checks. I'm just hoping it all loosens up and doesnt irritate me anymore.
  4. I have some textile pants and a jacket from Bikers Gear Australia,

    Excellent pricing, they seem to be nice people who are likely to look after you if you have a warranty claim etc

    The gear itself, IMO is better than the prices would suggest and feels safe, although I wouldn't say you could compare your $180 leather jacket with a $400 leather jacket from somewhere else. It is likely better than any other new $180 leather jacket you can find.

    Decent casual riders gear.

    As Vic said, their stuff beats riding around in a t-shirt
  5. HI matty chops
    sorry you could not find pants and boots, in regards to the leather jacket you purchased from us over the super bike weekend, you will see that the leather is of top quality 1.2mm thick cowhide milled leather and as with all leather it has to be worn in and softened with wear and we always reccommend to use a leather perserver on your leathers if you look after them they will look after you, Im sure after a few wears and with your body heat it will soften and mould to you,


  6. thanks for your favourable comments on our riding gear, as we are riders we do test out our gear and we do look after our customers with warrantys, we can offer these well below prices as we manufacture and wholesale to other companies world wide so there is no high overheads, we dont make huge profits, we just want to be able to offer the middle class man a choice in bikers apparel that is not $800 plus for the same jacket basically but with no brand names

  7. Hi, It's great to hear from you.. The jacket has molded to me since my initial post and it is very comfortable.. I am very happy with my purchase :) thank-you...

    BTW Welcome to NR
  8. i know this is an old thread, but i am looking at jackets and the ones from this mob dont look that bad... other people's thoughts?

    also, i am rather lanky in the arms, and was wondering what the fit of the jackets is? i.e. should i budget for buying a size bigger and getting it taken in, or are they likely to fit my orangu-tang arms?

  9. I think I'm going to give them a go as well. They have an airmesh jacket and a pair of textile pants. Can get both delivered for about $250.

    Beats paying a high margin for the limited selection at the local bike shop.
  10. I was in there last weekend and happened to try on a jacket. The first thing that struck me was that the arms did seem a little bit short. Probably best to go a size up. Shouldn't be too hard to take a bit out if the body is too wide, but they were a fairly slim fit.
  11. I've got one of their leather jackets and pants - the jacket I love but with my business shirts I have my sleeves shortened. The jacket fits me perfectly in the arms so I'd say you may need to go a size up.

    Pants are excellent if a little long for me.

    when wearing them I do feel safer.

    The only problem I had was that a zip tab on the jacket broke immediately (fixed it myself) and the zipper on the pants (to zip to the jacket) was around the wrong way so I need to get it altered. Apart from that quite happy. Just ask them to check the items out before posting them to you.

    Wayne :grin: