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Bikers Gear Australia?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Dzyan, May 28, 2013.

  1. http://bikersgearaustralia.com/deta...Tk1Nw==&Txid=a60d589aed1ca1ce186f91d517600e0b

    Hi all

    wondering if anyone has any experience with this company? Isn't much out there from what I can see, I'm looking at the jacket linked in particular. They also have an ebay store and also a UK site, which specifically says they'll get jackets from Australia when they run out, so its all local from what I can tell.

    I just want to know if this jacket is any good, user reviews and other stuff, detailed pictures maybe? Warm or cold (I'm wanting a vintage look jacket but modern features)

    Thanks in advance

  2. I haven't bought that jacket in particular from bikers gear, but I have bought my mesh summer jacket from them and I found the quality vs price to be exceptional. No dramas with postage time or communication either.
  3. The prices are cheap and the standard is generally not too bad. Not the best gear in the world but probably good value.

    I recall one person having an issue with one of their jackets and they sorted it without argument.
  4. I bought my leather jacket from their Ferntree gully store, my first choice after much research and comparison both online and in store.
    The leather is thick and it came with in built ce armour to the elbows shoulders and back.
    It has zips in the front back and arms for some airflow on hot days. It also has a zip out liner.
    After a year of use the jacket still feels great and I would buy another one in fact I did I liked the leather one so much I went back and bought one of their wet weather jackets great also.
    see pics
  5. All my gear is from biker gear and the quality is fantastic and the price is wicked. Non complaints at all anr the service is top rate
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  6. Have a pair of their leather pants and have tested them unfortunately and they held up real well, armour isnt as good as the name brands but they saved my arse and have no real visible signs of damage, i was given mine for free but at about 160 they seem fantastic value. You get what you pay for though, they did their job and im grateful they did but fit and feel isnt crash hot, but again for 160 odd or free, they represent great value for money.
  7. Oh i will also add i live not far from phillip island and there shop is always busy and ive seen plenty wearing there gear which at the end of the day has to mean their doing sonething right, right?
  8. What a co-incident. I've also been looking at a trial jacket. I have settled on this trial jacket by germot. It's got CE armour by Forcefield in the shoulders and elbow and a pocket for a back protector. It's wax cotton and not leather.


    On your topic, I have no issues with the glove I have bought from them in the 2-3 months that I have worn them.
  9. The jacket you posted a link to is NOT the one I bought so I am just remarking in general.

    I bought a leather jacket there, the older style that is now discontinued, and I like it a lot. It fits snugly and keeps the wind out.
    Compared to high end pricey jackets the level of manufacture is not of that standard, but they are not pretending to be Alpinestars or such. They make a good product and it is priced at the right level.

    I have since bought leather pants there, which are greater quality, double stitched single sheet, feels thick, and they fit well. They make three styles of pants and only one style fitted me properly. The pants get a big thumbs up from me.

    I couldn't buy clothes over the internet, though many people do, but I would not want the hassle of returns and stuff. So I prefer to go to the shop and try stuff and if it fits, and i like it, buy it and it's done.

    Finally, the staff are friendly and not pressure sales people, which is good.
  10. Thanks for the replies all.

    I'm also wondering if the mesh sleeves plus the quilted vest lining would be warm enough for Tassie riding. I'm on a postie at the moment its like riding a deck chair at 80 there is no protection from anything at all. I do have a FirstGear Kilimanjaro and some DriRider pants for when its wet and freezy I'm just looking for something nice and vintage'esque for my day/summer rides.
  11. Should Also say that the FirstGear jacket has the D3O armour, which will be getting chopped and changed with any motorcycle jacket I plan on using for a period, until I get spares of course...
  12. I have not ridden in Tassie, but here in Melbourne, in the ranges, (slightly elevated) the weather can be a bit chilly, and I can assure you, your warmest coat can still get the wind blasted through it, compared to a leather jacket that is impervious to wind or water. There is still the need to keep your body heat inside with layers of warm clothes, but my point is, a leather jacket is your best outer layer against a cold blast.
  13. ^whs, unless like me u buy 1 perforated leather jacket, lol, kinda invites the wind in.
  14. I don't find leather particularly warm, but then I'm a cold bod, and I find that guys seem to run at a hotter temp than me. If I was looking for warmth, I'd be looking at textile. However maybe a wind proof layer under or over the leather would help.

    And leather is ok in drizzle, but it isn't waterproof.

    However it offers the best protection if the quality holds up.
  15. I bought a Marlon Brando type Leather Jacket from them, Its slid down the road with me in it and now has a bit of character,
    A couple of small scrapes, Nothing wrong with the Jacket,
    I bought it for the cold here in Vic,
    I also bought a pair of leather jeans from them, But on the bike they are bloody freezing, so I only wear jeans, with socks on the knees for the extreme cold,
    And cheap they are,
  16. i have leather jacket, leather pants and kevlar jeans from them.

    havnt tested, but a friend tested his jacket in 3 low-mid speed offs and it only had a couple of grazes, he was a little sore for a while after the main one, but nothing other than a bruse and a pulled muscle/

    the quilted vest liner adds some warmth, but during the middle of winter i had my canvas jacket under the lined jacket.
    i dont feel the cold a whole heap.

    my jacket has been replaced with a high end one and there is no comparison... mind you it cost 3 times as much aswell.

    bang for buck, you cant go too wrong with bikers gear.
  17. Have 2 jackets and a pair of pants from BGA. Good quality, great service and staff are always helpful.
  18. thanks for the feedback everyone, you've sold me.

    I have a 180 buck leather jacket which is pretty good but its a tight fight and not very comfy for layering with, but my firstgear is.

    I'll have to look into some of the other gear there as well. I feel kinda silly dressing up on a postie bike, but like its said, "dress for the slide, not the ride"

  19. I tried 7 medium sized Leather jackets before I got one that fitted Properly, They make them in all sizes, For the fat and skinnys alike,
  20. AND they do adjustments for reasonable coin.