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Biker's Gear Australia

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jack_1313, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. I’ve just got my first bike – a 1983 model Honda CB 250 RS - and need to gear up. I’m thinking about taking a day trip to Phillip Island to go to the Biker’s Gear Australia shop front (I’m worried about sizing) and buy everything except for a helmet. However, I’m pretty concerned about the quality simply because the gear is so cheap. For instance, this is the jacket I would like to get:


    At $99, it’s around one third of the cost of most other motorcycle jackets. I don’t want to pay money for something to look cool, but I’m concerned about the gear’s ability to protect me when I’m sliding down the road at 60km per hour, especially since there is no mandatory testing of motorcycle gear in Australia.

    Does anyone own gear from this manufacturer and can comment on its quality? (For example, are the seams strong and double stitched?) Has anyone had a spill while wearing it?
    If not a quality issue, anyone know how this manufacturer can offer gear this cheap?

    I'm trying to suit up for as little cost as possible while not compromising my safety.
  2. Interesting first post, please introduce yourself in the welcome forums and please if this is a blatant ad for bikergear make yourself known properly no need for viral spamming.
  3. Hi Smee,

    This isn't spam. I'm a new rider (getting my learner's permit tomorrow, hopefully), but also a full time student with very little money to spare, and am genuinely concerned about what gear I will be buying. It's a day-long trip to Philip Island by public transport so I wanted to try to get the heads up if the gear is no good. I don't want to waste time and I don't have the experience to discern what is good and bad gear just by looking at it.

    I was worried my post might look like spam after it didn't appear when I tried posting it last week. However, I think it was a browser compatability issue. I've since spoken to one of the moderators about it and he suggest I tried posting again.

    I'm not trying to say this gear is good. In fact, I'm worried that it's trash. Really, I'm just worried about my own safety.

    I put the links in there to make it easier for readers.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up mate
    as you were :)
  5. Hi Jack - I can't comment on BGA stuff but if you live in Melbourne it may be worth you having a look at somewhere like AMX. They generally have 'known' brands at the end of a line so are much cheaper than you would buy elsewhere. For instance I got a DriRider Summit Pro jacket which sells in the city for $500 for $350 - I know that's above what you want to pay but they do have jackets for around $150 and good brands as well as other riding gear.

    Have a look in the for sale section on here too mate, you can often pick up some real bargains. If you work out your sizes, you could also put a request in for gear in the wanted section of Netrider and see if anyone has any older gear they may want to shift - I have a warm winter textile jacket I could sell depending on your size.

    One bit of advice I'd give you though is be careful going the cheap route as it can often be a false economy as it may not last, fit or give you the confidence you want from it. It's worth saving for a wee while longer and getting it right first time. It's not always the most expensive stuff that is the best either. Try going second hand on renowned manufacturers but I personally wouldn't buy a second hand helmet.
  6. Factor in the cost of transport to PI, and then maybe consider looking at Stevo's Clearance center. Depending on where you are there other closer options. If your near the CBD Nightingales(west melbourne) had some gear cheapish. Ringwood is good as well.
  7. Have to agree. I bought a pair of "waterproof" pants from BGA a couple of years ago when I was down for the MotoGP. Tissue paper would be more waterproof than the pants were, but, by the time I took into account the hassle of trying to return them and get my money back I just cut my losses.

    cheeba is correct. Sometimes it's better to pay a bit more and get better quality. Your caution in this matter is well-founded.
  8. Wow, this is an active forum! Thanks for the tips guys.
  9. if it sounds too good to be true it's probably not.
    good on you for looking into buying gear thoroughly... most newbies just go straight to discount outlets and buy the cheapest stuff there.
    be aware that in Aus there is no legislation to protect the consumer when buying clothing/apparel sold as 'motorcycle' clothing/apparel...so, maybe it's protective gear, maybe it's not.
    there are a few very well known motorcycle clothing brands here (i won't name), that can't sell their products in many foreign markets because they don't meet the protective/safety criteria mandated in those countries for motorcycle apparel.
    that jacket you linked>
    for the price i would suspect the 'ce' stamped armour is fake, not tested/approved... that's not at all uncommon to find in discount stores here with cheap chinese imports.
    dose'nt mention if the zips are ykk, locking zips, something you should look for in a jacket.
    elastic in the waist concerns me, you don't want a jacket that can easilly ride up your torso in a slide.
    and the stitching, as you've queried allready, is always the biggie... all garments consist of many small pannels stitched together, stiching being the garments weakest points under stress... the advert dose'nt detail double stitched or keprotec or anything relevant to 'motorcycle' wear... that is odd.
    i am only speculating, i could be wrong, i don't know the jacket or the manufacturer...that could be the bargain of the century, who knows without inspection.
    who needs an excuse to go for a ride down to the island for that matter anyway.

    you are the first NOOB we've had post in sometime, who's question has'nt been completely dumb.
    you deserve some sort of prize.
    congratulations, contact Smee to claim your prize.
  10. I have a set of BGA leathers.

    Pants are great - comfortable and fit well.

    Jacket - tabs on the cuff zips failed on the second use of the jacket. Zip to attach to the pants was around the opposite way to the pants (thought that was strange given they supplied both).

    When I contacted BGA in relation to the zips i was advised to find a local leather repairer and have them repaired. Was advised that it would be too costly to return the jacket for repair. Personally I thought the jacket should have been replaced.

    I still use the jacket and pants regularly - but the customer service was disappointing. I really doubt I'll purchase through BGA again.
  11. For the money the gear is ok.
    Its quality is lacking compared to high end items like Dainese or Alpinestars, but functionally it is good. Its got proper armour in all the right places. Be sure to try it on though instead of ordering online. The styles in fitting vary.

    The stuff from BGA is made in Pakistan, and is similar to DriRiders and RJays gear. Apparently after talking to the guy there, those brands are also made in Pakistan at the same place.

    But having this gear is better than nothing.
    You can upgrade later to high end gear. ie. Leathers
  12. I've noticed that jacket is now $129...

    If I was the re-seller and noticed that there wasn't any trust in the product to buy it to try it out because it was too cheap, I'd increase the price too.
  13. I bought my first jacket from BGA. I found the staff helpful over the phone and they were happy to send a different size jacket when the first was way off (yes their sizes are wierd, I wear size M shirts and had to get an XL jacket and the sleeves are still too short).
    The jacket does feel safe and I haven't had any quality issues, however you do look very "robocop" in it due to the way the Armour sits. I'm looking to buy an Alpinestars Drift leather jacket later down the track as it's much better looking. I think I paid $220 for the BGA Jacket which is a great price.

    I also bought a pair of textile armoured pants which I failed to realise were also MC hammer pants and I only ever really wore a few times hahaha. Getting some dragginjeans later this month as I don't like the look of the ones on BGA.
  14. No offence but please don't end up doing what this guy did!

    Buy a good pair ONCE and you'll get a better set of gear and you'll end up paying about the same sicne instead of buying 3 pairs you've only bought one. Top of the range Dainese pants are $600 odd, that's not that much more than a pair of draggins + textile pants and the quality difference is massive.
  15. There are alternatives to Draggin that look good function well and are quality plus half the price of Draggins :)
  16. Well, it’s been a few stressful days as my house has just gone on to the market, but the good news is that I’m now up one motorcycle learner’s permit. Thanks for to all who have responded for your info and opinions. I’m just going to respond to a few specific comments:

    Thanks for the advice. I’m going to head out to Bayswater on Saturday to check it out.
    Thanks for the offer, but I’m hoping to get one jacket that is cool enough to wear in summer, and just use more layers underneath in winter to keep warm.

    Haha, I’m just trying to stay safe. I almost failed the learner’s permit so I’m going to need all the protection I can get.

    Hmmm, that sounds a bit bizarre.

    Yeah, I noticed it went up on the day I made the post as well. A coincidence? If all the prices had gone up I’d probably have thought so. As it stands, I’m pretty suspicious, and that more than anything else has dissuaded me from the products.

    Hey, I thought Robocop was cool?

    That would be good, but there’s no way I can afford to pay $600 for each item of protective gear I buy. I’m hoping to keep the whole set under $1000, $1500 maximum.

    As previously stated, I’m going to head in to AMX and see if I can get what I need on Saturday. I don’t really know one brand from another so I’m going to have to rely on a bit of common sense in the form of visual inspection.
  17. Hi Jack. Checking out AMX is a good idea, I have been a few times and their prices are reasonable and they have a good variety of gear. FYI, there is also one on the south gippy hwy near cranbourne, not sure if that is closer too you than the bayswater one.
  18. AMX has the young hotties, but finding what you want there can be a bit hit and miss... depends if they've just got new stock in... popular sizes go fast.. cash talks there too.

    if you're in that general area though anyway, theres also pete stevens clearance centre in Ferntree Gully... it's the building next to what was 1300 kawasaki.. they have a good selection of good helmets at good prices.

    but bikemart in Ringwood would be my pick, definately duck in there before you purchase anywhere... good prices, (except for their helmets) , but good advice and good brands... and they know how to fit you out properly.

    and if you happen to be in Ringwood anyway now, walk down the street to Clipstone Yamahard ( do not to lick the windows at Metro as you pass by their ducati display, they don't appreciate that )... anyway, Clipstone go upstairs and just check what they have... because they never sell anything... people are too scared to try and make it past the pushy salesmen to get upstairs... but if you run and weave in and out fast.. and you do make it upstairs they should give you good price to make a sale.. they do have some nice stuff up there too.

    allthough, it is much nicer being fitted out by an AMX hottie... if you can get there on a quiet weekday, there a fair chance you may get the full attention of 2 hotties at the same time fitting you out... quite heavenly :)

    but they are nice young ladies, so you be good OK
  19. I bought a pair of leather pants 14 months ago. They are a little long but for 140 bux they are comfy as hell! Came with sliders, ce armour etc.
  20. I bought a winter jacket and summer gloves from Bikers Gear Aust. The jacket is comfy and seems to be fairly well made although its really big around my shoulders. I had first bought a larger one but they replaced it happily. I bought some summer gloves recently, they were detailed on site as "Ladies" gloves but when I received them, they were too large. I rang and found out they use XS Mens gloves as Ladies gloves, which doesnt seem right to me.