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Bikers Gear Australia Wierd Sizing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Looking at the sizing for the leather jackets off Bikers Gear Australia, and the numbers just look all wierd...

    My chest measurement (38" around the nipples) puts me smaller than small (im not small)
    My sleeve measurement (25" from point of shoulder to wrist) puts me bigger than 3XL (im not that big)

    I'm not sure what a waist measurement is or where do to the length from and to.

    Am I doing it wrong? Are there tolerances in sizings?


  2. They are essentially an "Ebay store" located at Phillip Island.

    You get what you pay for
  3. Those are large-sized jackets, by the look of them. 40inch chest is not a small for most companies.
  4. fcuk me they are some huge nipples :LOL:
  5. Just a suggestion but have you tried to contact them and ask some questions?

    I emailed them a couple of times with questions and the gear I bought fit almost perfectly (I'm a little short in the legs so the pants are too long - I can live with that tho).

  6. I called them and worked out the size, weird it was, 2 sizes bigger than I normally take. As with stumpy above me, I have the same issue, so the leather pants are a little long but the boots take it all anyways.
  7. Sure do. The mesh jacket I bought off them is excellent and very well made. I should know, with 20 years in the textile industry...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. +1 nothing wrong with the gear I have from them :wink:
  9. I just got a pair of pants of them today and I am quite happy with them. One of my mates has got a bit of gear from them in the past, one jacket he got was too small so they returned it and reshipped another with no hassles.
  10. Vic said:
    Not in this case Vic. I got to test their cordura pants out last year - came off doing roughly 70kph and got thrown about a bit plus went for a slide to finish it all off - the pants did an excellent job of protecting me from injury. Wore down to the armour in the knees. MAJOR scuff marks on the hips (pants have hip protection). I walked away without a single scratch on me.

    Well worth the $$ I paid for them. Would definitely recommend them to all. Same goes with his other gear.
  11. ive been thinking of getting some pants from them so thanks for starting this post.. why dont you just get off your donkey and ride down and have a look... what is it 22 - 23 hours... pussy.
  12. bikers gear australia sizing

    I would just like to add to your query that the measurements listed are measurements of the actual jacket not body measurements

    A size 38 inch chest would put you in the catergory of size small as you suggest

    If you have any queries regarding sizing maybe you should contact us to clarify as we are only to happy to help with any questions in regards to sizing or any other specifications

    cheers mate
  13. bikers gear australia

    I would just like to ESSENTIALLY clarify your statement, we are an ebay store yes but we are also a retailer based in Phillip Island with a shop front in the main street, we also have a website, we supply to other retailers australia wide we are a registered trademark company, we manufacture our own apparel in our factory, and we oversee all our design, our leathers, our cordura and pride ourselves in supplying top quality apparel for any range of biker, for a very competitive price, I wonder have you been in our store and had a look for yourself ??
    And if you have mega bucks to throw around and by joe rocket or alpine stars that is fine as it is the end consumer who has the choice whether to buy overpriced garments or top quality gear at a realist price
    yes you do get what you pay for a top quality item for one third of the price of the other big brand companies

    why is it others are always first to put down a family run business whom have worked very hard over the last 5 years to establish them selves whom also ride themselves and have the idea to manufacture top quality biker wear for the australian rider.

    We manufactured the motorcycle jackets and the vests for Oz Bike magazine staff team which they were wrapped in, we were also selected by TAC for promotion of our goods and they gave $1500 to a lucky person to come and purchase our gear???

    Come and check us out then make your statements
  14. Re: bikers gear australia

    So my statement is indeed correct ;)


    No. Never been in there.

    I don't care for fancy brands and huge logos. I made my assumptions based on years of feedback from other people that have bought your gear and had trouble with the sizing.

    Putting you down? By stating that you sell a lot of stuff on ebay?

    Fantastic, excellent stuff.
    My statements would still remain the same after I checked you out ;)
    IMO you are still an ebay business and ebay businesses tend to have a "cheap feel" to them.
  15. I can atleast vouch for the e-bay side of things. That's how I learnt of them.
    My leather pants are very comfortable and for the money I know someone else paid for their A* pants, I could have another 2 pairs of BGA spare and still have cash to buy some spare sliders.
  16. well if i have time when im in mlb i will trottle down for sure and have a look.. yes i have an alpine stars jacket (but its a cheap one).
  17. Lol. I have a Joe Rocket Jacket, cos I liked the look and features. Now I just need to get the zip sown onto my BGA pants and I have 2 peice suit for under 400 bux.
  18. dude... its sewn is it not.. be careful there are people on here who can actually make clothes not just fix socks like you and I
  19. So if I do Sow my jacket and pants maybe they will multiply if I get them wet? LMAO I have been awake far too long.

    And my seamstress sister inlaw will be doing it, or it will be askew, trust me on that!
  20. :LOL: but then you may have furry gear to wear.. would be a killer party trick and a gret away to make cash on the side.. hell, id buy some. if we all just tanned ourselves we could turn into leathers.. then we could repair our gear by just having a sleep.