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Bikers Gear Australia - PI

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ljiljan, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Has anyone bought gear from here? It's considerably cheaper than elsewhere, is it up to scratch quality wise?

  2. Was in PI this weekend but when I went through Cowes, it was a bit later so they were closed! From what I saw in the window, they looked OK. Will possibly drop back in there this weekend during the GP - they may (hopefully) even have a GP sale on!?
  3. I've bought a leather jacket, touring pants and textile pants from BG.

    Sales service is very good.

    I still love my jacket even tho I've had to have new cuff zips fitted (after 2 years) and the 8" zip at the back swapped around to zip it to the pants.

    Leather touring pants - are ok. Fairly comfortable and well made.

    Textile pants - love them!! They are very well made and really waterproof. Quilted liner zips out so should be good for winter and summer. Only problem - the 8" zip is facing a different way to the zip on the leather pants...so they don't zip to my jacket.

    Would buy from them again but check the zip on the pants matches your jacket if you're planning to zip them together.
  4. I bought some wet weather pants off them a few years ago, and sadly they fell apart after only a couple of months.

    That said, this was in 2007, so they may have improved their quality since then, and I couldn't fault the customer service.
  5. Leather jacket. Marlon Brando style, a real one, I am medium size, Tried 7 medium sizes before I found one that fitted me perfectly, People hold my jacket and comment on how heavy it is, What I need if I chuck my Bird down the road at high speed, Replaces the one I have worn for 40 years, and died of old age,
    Leather Jeans, X2 pair, lined inside, male and female.
    THH helmet, Pink one, full face,
    Female leather jacket, a lot lighter than mine, Very fashionable as well, for a sheila,
    All good Quality and a sight cheaper than any where else, and I did look around, Internet,
    Service is magic, They sell what you need, not just to make a sale, Very good advice on their gear as well,
  6. I've bought a vented textile summer jacket (used for commuting every warmer day and holding up very well) and a pair of kevlar jeans (ditto used for commuting and lasting well).

    My other half bought a helmet and jacket and has no complaints either.
  7. Bump!

    I just picked up a textile jacket, pants and gloves from their shop in Ferntree Gully for cold / wet days and went for a quick spin - it's raining fairly solidly at the moment so thought it would be a good chance to test them out. Only stayed out for about 20 - 30 minutes but got it nice and drenched, no leaks and stayed warm, first impressions are that this stuff is pretty good value for money.
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  8. Wow, place looks really good, i only live 15-20 mins from PI so i will go check it out, after my first set of gear for when i (Hopefully) get my L's next week. Anywhere in PI good for buying bikes and not just gear?
  9. I've bought textile pants and gloves from them in the past. The quality (and price) of their stuff is fantastic.
  10. Shopped at PI, now go to their Ferntree Gully store, recommend