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Bikers fall into six tribes, says survey

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/921837/bikers-fall-into-six-tribes-says-survey

  2. Well insurance companies fall into one 'tribe' ---> c***s.
  3. "An insurance company asks 600 riders some leading questions and get the answers it wanted" would be a better, (if slightly unwieldy) headline.
  4. The problem that I have with such surveys is that unless they're conducted scientifically via established methodologies then there is a credibility problem.

    This is particularly so about the respondents who classify themselves as "specialists". Egos being what they are, particularly amongst young riders, naturally they'll say that they're competent, have high skill levels and so on. In fact, most motorists think this of themselves.

    Ask any professional driving or riding instructor about how students self evaluate themselves when they start an advanced driving or riding course. A part of the course is to bring these people back to earth with a thud. Then start teaching them how to drive/ride properly.
  5. So people are whinging that someone finally said most riders are safety conscious and not competitive and also follow the road rules?

    We finally get a decent wrap and you guys still sook about it?!
    Can't win either way with you lot.

    I think it's good that we weren't all portrayed as hoons who split lanes on one wheel at 220km/h.

    I don't care if it was only a sample of 600 riders and was on ninemsn. The kind of people who read ninemsn are the same kind of people who take TAC ads for gospel, so this is a good thing.
  6. is 600 a good number?
  7. 300movie_story1.

    It's better than 300!
  8. What about the tribe of naked riders? :p
  9. yeah be nice if we got a say..
  10. TRIBE !!!!!!!???????

    What a completely STUPID and inapproriate Label...

    I just ride a bloody bike ffs, so I'm a friggin biker!. And I wear leathers...not a friggin lap-lap and a spear!

  11. ^^ I haven't told you about my planned naked ride yet have I...???

    Tribe maybe applicable........................

  12. Facts are meaningless!
    Why, you can even use it to prove that anything's even remotely true!
  13. Those complaining about scientific methods are kinda missing the point: all it is is a category system. And all category systems are useful (or otherwise) rather than true. No-one believes these divisions are *real* in any empirical sense, but it provides a useful scheme for thinking about the different kinds of attitudes and experience people have in relation to riding. As has been noted, over all it's a pretty positive representation. And, of course, it's self-report of people's own beliefs about their riding skills... so it's not at all accurate in terms of their actual skills, but it's very accurate in terms of their *perception* of their skills... and that's an interesting finding too.
  14. ..once you are catagorised, you can be "managed". Then meeting up with other "tribe" members will be outlawed! :eek:

    On the plus side, once catagorised, general improvements can be identified and implemented for the good of said "tribe"..... but this is probably an unlikely outcome.
  15. In so far as it's possible to pigeonhole riders and given the limitations of the sample, I'd say it's not too far off the mark based on over 20 years of observations both here and in the UK.

    That's not to say that I haven't noticed crossovers between tribes. What about the lifestyle rider who also has characteristics of the specialist, commutes by bike and also does regular track days for example?

    Tribes? Yes, I'd say entirely appropriate. Bikers are tribal. Or hadn't you noticed that Harley riders get bagged by sports bike nuts, dirt bike riders never have anything to do with anyone else, commuters get derided as "dayglo dereks" or "captain sensibles" by anyone who rides any kind of bike to prove the size of their genitalia, and BMW riders look down upon everyone else? :wink: Or that the various tribes have customary dress and insignia so that they can be recognised by other tribe members and can shun anyone who is not "one of us"? :wink:

    No, I'm not just talking about the patch clubs.

    Looks pretty bloody tribal to me.

    Time to recognise reality and live with it. All this survey does is formalise something that anyone with eyes has been able to see at least since the Rockers split away from the ranks of commuters and motorcycle enthusiasts in the 1950s, and probably well before.
  16. Any empirical study you perform is going to have, not only empirical limits...but conceptual limits! The concepts you begin with will filter your answers. And in a plural world those concepts are going to be contentious. I don't see the problem. As was said, it's about useful results, not absolute truth.

    This doesn't seem far off the mark to me, and given all the cries that we're labelled hoons, I think such studies would be welcome as a counter to irrational stereotyping which can influence policy and attitudes more generally. The cynic in us might protest if its done by a financially interested party, but unless there's something identifiably wrong about the study's methods (conceptual and empirical) or results, we could equally assume that commercial interest means a desire to get the actual 'truth' rather than a skewed result: I assume they want to know the reality of their current and potential customer base. A heck of a lot of research only gets off the ground through commercial interest these days, including in the big research Unis.
  17. :rofl:

    put me in the naked class
  18. Rofl! I don't recall filling in their survey.....

  19. ...Yep!...that's what we do \\:D/...it matters not how sensible, how reasonable, how perfectly amicably logicalbly the OP is 8-[...we're gonna slowly pick little holes in it until it builds, post after post, in a crescendo of ripping and tearing and denouncing it's evils, hidden agendas, malicious intent...until it orgasms in an unbridled display of outrage, animosity and vile contempt. ha ha ha :twisted:
  20. " <snip>..... The survey quizzed 600 riders across the country, identifying the six distinct groups....<snip>

    "<snip>.....More than 560,000 bikes are now registered for use on Australian roads and more than 134,000 were sold last year.....<snip>

    So there's 560,000 bikes in Oz, but only 600 riders were quizzed....hmmmm let's see, that's ...... (carry the one.... divide by.....) ...... a little over .1%

    So they're the Point-One-% 'ers!!!!!!!!!!

    They didn't quiz me either.