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Bikers allowed higher speed limits?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jarrod, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. yes?

  2. No?

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  3. Popcorn anyone? this is gonna be interesting

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  1. Hi All,

    Say there were a hypothetical (to keep the mods happy) political party that were considering adding a section to their traffic policy stating that motorcycles should be legally able to travel around 10 to 15km/h over the posted speed limit.

    They justify this on the basis that

    *Motorcyclists are the most skilled road using group.
    *As opposed to air bags and steel cages, motorcyclists have to rely on manouverability, intelligence and occasionally speed to remain safe.
    *It would encourage use of motorcycles which this party firmly supports.

    Would the experienced motorcyclists here support such a proposal?
    Would it make things safer or more dangerous for motorcyclists as a whole?
    Any other thoughts?
  2. I hate to be the first to reply, especially as it is in the negative.


    Unfortunately we live in the real world. The road network is not designed to have fun, it's there ao facilitate safe transport. As such it has to cater for all sorts of people with all sorts of skill levels, and as such it includes people that are: Old and have slow reflexes; Young and have little experience; and generally people without a clue or any pride in their driving or desire to improve their skills. These people have trouble now understanding that motorcycles can accelerate from stationary at the lights in no time and will still pull out in front. They do not see bikes because they can't be bothered to look, they take it as a challenge to their manhood when a bike overtakes them, they cannot judge an approaching bike's speed so will cut you off...

    Imagine if they now have to cope with bikes going faster than the rest of the traffic. Imagine some old lady about to turn on to a main road, she sees a bunch of traffic but they're far enough away so from experience at that intersection when the traffic is that far away she can safely pull out. How do you think she will cope with a bike coming out from behind another car at speed? Chances are she won't even see it and pull out.

    I'm not saying it's ideal, and perhaps she should not have a licence, but remember, in the real world the roads exist to allow her and people like her to drive to the shops or to see her grand kids. To ask her to stay at home so some motorcyclist can have fun on the road would be a little unreasonable in my opinion.

    That's why there are race tracks!

    And then there is the thin end of the wedge argument. What's to stop legislation to limit trucks, for example to 10 km below the limit. Can you imagine the number of cars on country roads that now have to pass them, at any costs? Head ons, here we come!

    Sorry, as much fun as it would be to be able to go faster than the rest, I think in the real world it would be a retrograde step.

    Flame away! :cool:
  3. Yes i think it's a good idea to travel faster then the traffic flow, as i feel it's safer to be passing then being passed also allows you get get into free space but your reasons for it are utter crap

    Just look at the amount of riders here that in the case of an emergency either lock up brakes, can't counter steer/corner etc... i think just like every group of road users you get those that can and those that can't.....so yes i tick yes.....it's a good idea but not for your reasons.....

    cheers stewy :)
  4. The sad, sorry truth (arrived at by thousands of studies around the world) is that roads are safest when everyone is doing approximately the same speed. It doesn't seem to make much difference what that speed is (except to MUARC, who apparently only look at the specific speed), but if people aren't zapping past each other at high differential rates, less crashes (of all kinds) happen.
    So, no it's not really a good idea, even if it would be attractive to me.
    Reasonable limits all around is a better option. More politically acceptable, too.
  5. It'd be fun if a politician was to come up with a proposal to have a lower speed limit for motobikes, just because they're "dangerous"!
  6. I also believe, even if it's subconscious, that drivers are happy with bikes going slightly faster then them.

    They get nervous if you hang around at the same speed.

    Though if you were to conduct a poll most drivers would be against the idea. So even if we had forward thinking politicians, it would never happen.
  7. I ticked "yes" because I like to go fast.
  8. I think its a dumb idea.

    As if you wouldnt get a situation where the cars would get pissed off and drive just as fast.
  9. Just what we need - another reason to be marginalised. No thanks.
  10. considering we are 1 billion times more likeley to crash already i dont think anyones gonna be increasing the speed limmits for us anytime soon...plus what? 2 different speed signs???
  11. I have NEVER in all my time seen a situation where going faster is the best alternative to avoid a collision. Either in a motorcycle or a car.
  12. Ohh come on, think harder.....
    If I am moving 5k faster than the truck behind me, he will never run over me when he aggresively tries to shove me out of the way. Or if "the boys" in the two "sick mate" commodores are in my rear view mirrors, I'm not likely to become a suzuki sandwich when they "split" around me. And yes I've had it happen!
  13. I'm not sure the logic works very well there tramp. Assuming that these people are mindless morons who don't care about other peoples safety or the law, why would it matter if you were going 5k's over the speed limit or 50. They will probably just speed up to continue to be assholes.

    So you speed up to get further away and they speed up and you speed up and so on. Eventually your just racing each other until someone gets unlucky.

    If you need to accelerate at a given moment in time to avoid a collision....then do it. Thats defensive driving....but constantly being faster than the traffic is not a long term solution.

  14. I think it's a good idea. Everytime I sit at the indicated speed limit the cars behind me are getting abusive. At +10 they seem to be happier but can still tailgate, and if I do +100 they really like the wide gap.
  15. That's because you've misunderstood his point. He said 5km/h faster than the truck behind, not 5km/h over the speed limit. If you are continuously travelling faster than the traffic behind, how can you be rear-ended?
  16. I agree, but riding your bike you have to say that :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Oops there goes 3 points :cry:
  17. You're not looking hard enough then! I have had occassion where a small acceleration has seen me avoid an impending collision, where braking would have left me in the path of the other vehicle.
  18. Unless you have fitted a speed healer your 100 is really 93 :shock:
  19. At the moment if you speed up to get into a gap for safety reasons, you can be booked. Giving bike riders 10% or 10km/h legally would allow for this.
  20. Hubie, young man, I have to take you to task on this one.
    Syntor got his bike licence about the year you were born and has ridden and driven all kinds of things through all kinds of traffic in that time.
    Syntor has learnt a trick or two.
    Syntor is also VERY good at not having accidents.
    Syntor hasn't paid any roadside tax collection for 20 years.
    Listen carefully to Syntor, for Syntor is very cunning.......

    Now Jarrods proposal that bike be allowed a bit more speed in traffic situations is right on. There are regular (daily) occasions where a little squirt to place the bike in the optimum position in relation to other traffic is the safest and most sensible thing to do. This necessarily entails breaking various road rules.

    For example: I'm in my Landcruiser and being tailgated, the worst case scenario is that someone, who desperatly deserves it, gets to swallow an industrial strength tow hitch. I'll ignore the tailgater.
    Now if I'm on the bike, the worst case scenario is a bit more up close and personal, and I will give my big girl a squirt, and we will be in a better saftey zone, and quickly if required.

    The examples are endless Hubie. :!:

    The big trick is not getting caught, and it personally annoys the hell out of me that there a gaping chasm between "safe driving" and "legal driving".

    But it might take a little tact and patience to get the Minister for Transport to agree. :(