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Biker's 2, Tintop knob jockeys 0

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gazzr1100, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. With the posts about good cops, bad cops prevailant around the traps of late, I just have to tell you guys this, as told to me buy my son.

    1)Son heads off to play poker over near Epping Plaza about 40 mins(80%highway/freeway) from us. Around the Airport West area on the Western Ring Road, guy cuts him off(actually only missed him by a bee's dick). Son takes dad's advice and decides it's not worth the shit, and plods along. Turns out this guy's heading for the pool hall in the same vacinity and on their arrival this guy jumps out of his car and takes a verbal swipe at him along the lines of "Are you following me?", to which son replies "no, i'm here to play poker biatch".

    Next thing guy runs back to his car and grabs tyre lever and heads back in son's direction. Son didn't realise this was happening as he was taking his helmet off at the time, which turned out to be a good thing. The guy goes to take a swing, at which point son throws helmet at him, causing him to drop tyre lever to prevent helmet from smashing him in the chest, at which point my son gives him a face full of knucles buckling him at the knees. Needless to say, son jumps on top of him giving him an aweful hiding.

    Cops arrive, grab son and throw him to the ground, when interested onlookers who had seen it all evolve tell cops other guy started it and was totally un-provoked, so they let son up. Son explains what happened earlier, & is so p'd off he jumps straight back onto this guy and proceeds to give him another belting, the whole time the cops just stood there and watched.

    They eventually drag him off again and tell him to calm down, and promptly arrest the other guy. Son, who knows a little about auto mechanics says to cops, you might want to check under his car. Not 100% sure, but i'll bet he's removed the catalytic converter. Sure enough, no cat at all in exhaust system. Cops let other guy kno that's 5 g's to Govt coffers right there. Call towie, and car impounded.

    2) Same night, on his way home, him and another rider stop at set of traffic lights, and were chatting when other rider says, "hit the gas NOW!!!", which both did and moved into intersection without going right thru as knob jockey #2 pulls up exactly where they both were.

    Lights go green and both just sit there, and as lights turn to amber both take off. Knob jockey, not as quick to react, but p'd off all the same, and wanting to exact rfevenge, plants the foot as lights turn red. Next thing son sees, and hears, as he checks his mirrors, are red and blue flashing lights and the wail of the siren.

    Disclaimer: Son is not a loose cannon. I can asure you that my son has never started a fight in his life. He's certainly finished a few, and it's not the first time the cops have stood and watched either :grin: . I think they believe it's karma for all the times they'd like to belt some wise arse, but of course have their hands tied.

    Sorry for the long read. Still no bike yet, so have to live off other peeps stories :p . Once I get back from NZ early April, i'll be looking into things with a bit more gusto :wink: .

  2. Interesting story mate. I'm impressed by his use of the helmet as a distraction in the first story - not so impressed at his further goading
    of the bloke which subsequently led to the fight.

    Second story is different. Deliberately antagonising the tool who nearly ran them over could have had serious consequences, however you've already showed us that your son is antagonistic so I'm not surprised.

    I'm not trying to put your son down here Gazz, just pointing out that your version of events doesn't portray your son as an innocent party and in future he may need to be more careful. He sounds like he can back himself in a blue which is good, but if he's riding a bike and something happens again like this he may not come off so well vs 2 tonne of steel.

    Food for thought.

  3. Holy Sh!t, I didnt know removing a cat was that serious!

    good read btw, good on your son
  4. Gazzr1100, I'd like to buy your son a beer or several.
    He's my new "Hero For The Day".
  5. I think your son got pretty lucky twice there. The helmet made guy # 1 drop the lever, and guy # 2 didn't run him over.

    I don't think he should have jumped on the guy for a second go, and i don't think he should have held that guy at the lights... but otherwise i'd agree with his actions and i'm glad there were witnesses to back up his story :)

    Oh, and did he win poker? hehe
  6. lol but at the same time i agree with FAT...
  7. well done to him i say. if some a$$tard is going to jump out of a car at you and then has to use a weapon to try do to something as their intelligence isnt high enough to come up with a reply, is a weak piece of sh!t. glad he got his head punched in twice and copped a nice fine. give the boy a pat on the back. the traffic light one is pure gold.. yeah he could have been hurt but all was good.
  8. Glad your son got out of it unscathed. I think that prick was looking for a fight and would have grabbed the tyre lever no matter what your son said. Good that he had witnesses.

    I wonder if the second driver turned out to be pissed? :shock:
  9. That was a good read mate! :wink:
  10. Umm, Dougz?
    Given your stated age of 5 :LOL: best the story be re-read and then have another think about your initial reply: the first idiot cut off and narrowly missed hitting Gazz's son in the first place (held his peace) and was then accused of following the t@@l?? :LOL:
    Ok, so maybe he shouldn't have called the idiot a "biatch" :rofl:

    Now I thought I read that the car of the first tool was impounded??
    I understood the 2nd incident was unrelated to the first (different car full of tools), hence the title of the post :grin:
  11. +1

    Both f#*ktards brought it on themselves, and Gazzr's son brought it.
    He managed to dodge two bullets that if the outcome were different we'd be baying for blood.
    Bikers 2 - Bottom Feeders 0

    Special mention for the cops :applause:
    Buy you guys a beer or several too.
  12. Plus it's a great Aussie yarn!

    Wonder whether Henry Lawson had people telling him his characters were acting irresponsibly. OK, so it's real life, but come on, just sit back and enjoy!

    No love for the literary ouvre of Robert G Barrett hereabouts? ;)
  13. I thought your son's initial verbal response was pretty mild. He didn't react when he was cut off and obviously the first dick knew what he'd done by his attitude. In fact - a reaction like that makes me suspect that the cutting off may have been deliberate.

    Since the clown started it with the tyre lever your son did pretty well.

    It's a good read :LOL:
  14. Bet it's not.
  15. Good on him!

    You'd be surprised. I don't recall the exact figure but it is several thousands of dollars.
  16. It's 200 penalty units for an individual in NSW and 400 for a corporation for emitting impurities from the exhaust.

    I think it's $110 penalty units in NSW. So it's going to be $2200 for that - for removing the cat it's 500 penalty units for an individual and 1000 for a corporation.

    It's a very expensive exercise.
  17. Yet as far as I know this does not apply to bikes, or at least it didn't.
  18. I have a Question, is the helmet ok? :/
  19. there you go. I was wrong.

    They snuck that in.

    Prior to this it wasn't actually illegal as there was no legal requirement actually fit the cat in the first place (though many people believed it so).

    I wonder if it's now a legal requirement for the manufacturers to fit it. If not it's a bit rough to get a fine for removing something that doesn't legally have to be there in the first place.