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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Am I the only dufuss who has signed up to that fricking thing?? :shock: . C'mon, anyone else suckered into it too?? Any neat stories to tell??

    Time to fess up!!! :p
  2. err what is it?
  3. It's advertised on the left had side margin of the this site!!..it's an online dating thing for bikers :wink:
  4. aaahh ... wife would kill me for looking at something like that :p
  5. lol... I'd signed up to Biker Kiss way back in the day ;) ... but I'm like Thera, and Peeahh would kill me if i signed up to something like that now :LOL:
  6. have you had any luck on in Tweetster?

    is it free? what are the profiles like?
  7. Go have a look mate!! :LOL: ...yeah!!..it's free unless you want to contact someone! :roll:

    I'll keep you posted on my sucess rate!! :p
  8. Thats what sh!ts me about those sites - all "free" unless you actually want to use it.

    I've heard good things about oasisactive.
  9. Is that for bike lovers!! OMFG!!..I've made a pun!! :LOL:
  10. not exclusively, but allegedly you can choose biking as a parameter with which to search the DB.
  11. Maybe they could set up a singles section on NR lol
  12. Hey!!..not a bad idea at all!! :LOL:
  13. So off you go lol, start a new thread for the singletons...age location.. that kind of thing.

    Interested peeps can PM each other for more info :)
  14. Hmmmm!! thinking about it!! :LOL: ..do I REALLY need to make a fool of myself on 2 sites!! :p
  15. There was a putty road thread that mentioned singletons.
  16. Too funny!!! :LOL: ...there certainly was!! :p
  17. LOL @ Roaster

    And yes, yes you do Tweester, we want to be entertained lol.
  18. oasis active and plenyoffish are the only two singles sites that are actually free to use.

    All the rest are scams, Free till you want to meet some one and then they charge like wounded bulls.

  19. This singles section better have t&c's saying you have to post pics
  20. [​IMG]