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Biker Pro or Drift Ghost?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wby 1, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Im seriously considering getting a camera for my bike. For the safety/insurance element of it. The dash cam in my car came in handy 2 months after buying it when another car deliberately reversed into me and drove off in a road rage incident. Without the footage it wouldve been my word vs the other guys. So being more vulnerable on a motorbike, i think a camera is possibly a smart option.

    Im deciding out of these 2:

    Biker Pro x 2 Front And Rear Kit attached under headlight fairing at front and underside of topbox base at rear. Reasonably discreet, front and rear facing, easily removable if I park in public.

    OR a Drift Ghost S attached to my helmet. Faces whichever direction I look (e.g to side to side), goes wherever I go.

    Can any experienced riders suggest practical pros and cons of each? Obviously one faces back as well and the other faces wherever I look, but there may be real life benefits of one over the other that I haven't thought about being a new rider.
  2. I prefer the helmet mounted cameras. Better footage of what you are looking at.
  3. Have a read through the forum I have moved your post to, you might find some stuff that's topical.