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Biker pickup lines

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. You never know which coffee night you'll need a good pickup line for :p

    "Hey baby, let me buy you a new rear-tyre."

    "Do you have protection...
    Of course baby, I always carry a Shoei."

    "Is that gravel rash on your Draggin's, or a bike trail to heaven?"

    "Your Dainese leathers look good on you... they'd look better on my bedroom floor."

    "Hey baby, I'll lube your chain if you clean my sprockets."

    "Do you want to polish my helmet?"

    "Do you always wear knee pads at home or are you just happy to see me?"

    All lines so far from other thread. Props to GS5Hundy and LPCIII for a few.

    "Want to ride something big and hard that goes all night?
    ... my GSXR is parked out the front."

    "Damn girl, I'd have to take those curves at full lean."

  2. how about some bike related rejections aswell??

    i'm too hungover to think of any... but i had to go "mono" last night... i asked for a stoppie, c'mon just a little one and she didn't seem impressed at all. wish my bike wasn't registered as a solo, just like me.
  3. The simple but effective:

    "Can I fill you up?"
  4. here's one my BF used on me after my new exhaust arrived:

    "hey baby, nice cans!"
  5. Classic :rofl:
  6. Your bike or mine??
  7. "is that pipe stock or aftermarket?"
  8. LMFAO :rofl: but did you let him look at your exhaust??

    blow my gasket.

    that was crap, i think your head needs reconditioning.
  9. "I think our carbies would synchronise easily."

    "Where do you hide your thermo fans, hot stuff?"

    "I'm a cowboy.
    On a steel horse I ride.
    You're wanted.
    From about now until 5."

    "You know, I'm DOT approved..."

    "Of course my love-glove doesn't have carbon fibre knuckles... or velcro."

    "I believe a woman is like a leather jacket... I'm looking for a tight fit and durability."

    "Your radiant beauty renders my tinted visor useless."
  10. Look, I'm sorry, I'm not willing to go squid with you until you've had the test...
  11. how long til you're unrestricted? looking forward to riding something bigger? :wink:
  12. Wanna help polish my Oggy?
  13. "Baby, I've got target fixation all over you"

    I can't believe nobody has cracked out

    "Can I check your oil with my dipstick?"

    Or a rip off from a traditional pick up line:

    "I might not have the biggest bike here, but I'm the only one talking to you"
  14. How'd you like a ride of my Fat Boy?
  15. I don't like fairings ! . . . lets get naked !
  16. I like it :LOL:.
  17. another rejection line....
    I'd rather be loz'd than ride with you :p
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Keep them coming people...funny. :LOL:

    Not so much a pick up line - more a pick up scenario -

    I was on a break at this yrs MotoGP..t'was the Saturday afternoon. I went and sat down in the sun near Turn 1 ...when I noticed two bikers walking towards me. One of them goes:

    Excuse me. Could you please do me a really big favor and let me sit down next to you? Just for a little while. You see, my mates over there (there was a group of guys standing at the track's fence - all watching with interest) bet that I wouldn't be able to chat you up and I've gotta prove them wrong. They reckon you'll tell me to piss off or something.

    I look at him. Look at his other mate standing there grinning and shaking his head. Look at the guys watching from the fence and think 'what the hell'.

    So I let him sit and we had a chat for a while about bikes and stuff. After a while his mates all walked past and one shouted "Hey Mick..I thought you were a poof!" :LOL: and then he asked what time I was knocking off...and that's when I said that it'd been really nice talking with him but I better get back to work. :)

    He was an interesting fella actually... had ridden down from Sydney with his mates, this was somethign like their 5th time doing so...last yr he hit a wallaby on the way down and ended up in hospital with broken bones etc) and he rode a Triumph Speed. :)
  19. Why don't you and your sister join me for a double bubble. :cool: