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VIC Biker nabbed 80kph over in Lygon St - So we get another blitz...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. Just in on the VicPol website.

    Crack Down On Hoon Motorcyclists

    Also made Herald Sun...
    Biker nabbed 80kph Over Limit

  2. It's f'wits like these that continue to cause problems and make it tough for the rest of us.

    "During Operation Traction in January this year, police nabbed 117 drivers and motorcyclists during the two-night blitz.

    As part of the operation, police caught a 24-year-old male learner rider with a pillion passenger on board, both wearing no safety gear – just shorts and t-shorts.

    It is alleged his learner permit had expired and the motorcycle he was riding was unroadworthy."

    I've seen that quoted a few times now. So is that the only motorcycle that was nabbed during the operation? Why lump us in with drivers when it's obvious they should be extremely happy to have caught just ONE (un)rider? We should have been congratulated, but I guess it doesn't suit their agenda.
  3. Translation:

    "We will be defecting bikes for fender eliminators and loud pipes" :LOL:

    Oh and if you're looking for donuts, don't go to Lygon street, they're going to be sold out for a while :LOL:
  4. If you're stupid enough to ride down Lygon street...

    I've done it once, that was twice too many :rofl:
  5. I am from time to time blamed directly on that Gelati shop..... yum
  6. That gelati shop doesn't have the same vibe it did after it moved from the corner. But the sweets on offer around there lure me to that area from time to time whether on 2 or 4 wheels.
  7. “Motorcyclists have one of the highest levels of vulnerability to sustaining injuries on the road, making it extremely important for their own safety to obey the road rules,” he said.

    good way to get killed too
  8. what the **** is a t-short?
  9. I think I can handle it
  10. Since only helmets are a legal requirement, how are they going to enforce the wearing of "appropriate clothing"??
  11. They can't but they'll pull you over, do the ususal checks then give you a lecture on clothing ending with them handing you a couple of safety brochures...
    Niusance if you're needing to be somewhere at a certain time...

    EDIT: come to think of it, they do it even if you're wearing all the gear!
  12. By pulling you over, lecturing you and wasting time in general. During the lecture they may find a fender eliminator or some other mod and then enforce.
  13. Why people choose to ride through Lygon street defies logic
    It is a hotbed for fukwits in their souped up shitboxes and cafe latte bike poseurs.
    The behaviour of those so called individuals are a huge problem which just draws police attention to that area, it's been going on in that strip forever.
  14. Defecting, I would guess. That's the tactic these days.

    This is crazy. This is my back yard and honestly there is next to no activity in this locale most of the time. The Carlton end is almost entirely populated by old age pensioners these days, no-one for hoons to show off to. No more bikes than anywhere else and VERY few young riders.

    As for targeting riding on the footpath, all that is riders parking in the few spots not already cordoned off for cafe seating. I'll bet this whole operation is about restauranteurs trying to grab more footpath space.
  15. Unless it's changed dramatically in Vic, it'd be pretty hard for a motorcycle cop to lecture you about wearing appropriate clothing while standing there in their nylon jodhpurs and short sleeve shirt.
  16. So, is this just Kieran Walshe trying to make a splash in the new job and using riders as his football? I wonder...
    One incident does not constitute a problem. But it does make a good excuse. The war goes on it seems.
  17. "...appalled at the increase in reports of motorcyclists riding on footpaths"


    Parking our bikes. FFS.
  18. Pretty much... I live extremely close to lygon st and choose to avoid it where possible (the back streets are quicker anyway). Unless you specifically want something on lygon, no reason to ride down there. Especially as it is a 40 zone and the fact people tend not to look when pulling out of a parking spot.
  19. Exactly.
    If there is a problem at all it's that all the footpath dining makes it hard to get to a spot. Hell, it makes it hard to WALK or BREATHE down there, too!
    This is coming from business owners, I just know it.

    This is just Kieran Walshe telling us that Lygon St is off limits now because the business owners don't want you taking up 'their' space.
  20. This is one of the biggest bullsh1t pieces I've ever seen. I travel down Lygon street frequently and I have rarely seen "hoon" behaviour by riders in that strip.

    I've seen stupid pedestrians and car drivers being tools - to say nothing of the semi-moronic cyclists that frequent the area. Motorcyclists are definitely the best behaved road users in that area by a long shot.

    Titus is probably right about the footpath cafe spaces - I suspect it's about the really dodgy fake-Italian restaurants in the strip between Grattan and Queensberry (the area that that no self-respecting Melbournian would ever be seen in) wanting more footpath space.

    The stupid bicycle lane rubbish in the city and now this nonsense. VicPol are way overstepping the mark.