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Biker meets bus (OUCH)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. I don't do "ICK" well, am I going the heave if I look at this ?
  2. What was he doing, unreal, maybe he forgot he was on a bike, and the lane split was interesting.
  3. sounds like those police chase footage
    if hes being followed by a camera helicopter
  4. Well that was a silly thing to do.
  5. I want to know how he did not see the bus, it is not as though he hit the front of it but the back of the bus.
    Dumb a##$%
  6. Also check out the guy in the pickup that just continues on with his left hand turn - thanks buddy.
  7. It's on the infamous Netrider Crash CD #4 :)
  8. For some reason that guy reminded me of Ghost Rider....btw is that guy still alive?
  9. He sure is, www.ghostridermovie.net :). The 4th movie is coming out in less than 20 days, can't wait :D!

    What a legend.
  10. Well apparantly he is...

    I've also been told he isn't....

    I reckon this is one of those cases where you make up your own mind which you'd rather believe i guess
  11. Boring as bat shit I'd rather be watching lawn bowls.

    Some spastic doing some insane speeds though traffic. Nice to watch for the first 3 minutes then its just the same shit, different traffic :(
  12. Gotta love the complete lack of people rushing over to help him out :shock:
    The guy on the right just stands around and flaps his arms.
    Real helpful.
  13. GR 4 is gonna be great, he is going to break his own "Upsala" record on a fully carbon fibre Suzuki k5 producing 285hp :D , btw,the bike is going to be raffled........

    This is Ghost Rider >> http://www.mc-xpress.com/records/patrikfurstenhoff/pfrecords.htm

  14. wot he said
  15. I had one of the ghostrider flicks on as background during a party. Sound off, stereo on. Worked a treat.
  16. *chuckles* The rider may die, but the legend will live on.....

    or something..