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Biker marriage proposal

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Gobberwart, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. I wonder if this is how 87crisis did it?

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  2. Nope randomly said I wanted to stop in at a local river wharf at night on the way to her parents ...stood behind her hugging her around the waist then asked the question and held the ring out infront of her ...I enjoy the more relaxed side of things ...
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  3. Absolute douchebag act shutting down a freeway for that.
  4. I agree but filming in portrait is way more douchebaggy.
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  5. Nice (and I'm NOT being sarcastic).
  6. Yes, but I'm still not nodding this.

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  8. I'm not nodding that either. It's "Gobberwart" not "gobberwarts" you dumbarse.
  9. Yamaha VStar XVS650A Classic must be the best bike ever made.
    Do I get a nod?
  10. No.
  11. Smilee got rid of the grumpy cat avatar and now I'm the grumpy bastard. Just no.
  12. Nup ... he did it like this >>>>>

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  13. Then he is a bloody legend
  14. He's a huge pest, not a legend
  15. potato, potato.
  16. What's a Womble gotta do to get a frikken nod?
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  17. All will be answered on the Goonies ride, but I'll give you an advance in the meantime.:D
  18. Lap dances for a grumpy cat work. Even if you keep the scarf on.
  19. Or turn yourself into a female villain