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Biker knocked off by bikecop

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tack, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Just heard on news break that a biker alledgedly got knocked off his bike by a motorcycle cop in Kilsyth.

    Any details???

    I thought this would be a pretty serious situation to occur if its true!
  2. I heard the news bulletin as well but didn't hear the Policeman was on a bike. However what I did notice was that unlike other reporting of Motorcycle accidents the reporter worded the bulletin as though it was the fault of the police rather than the usual blind wording that inferred that motorcyclist was at fault regardless of the facts.

    A quick check of the age website doesn't show and stories on it yet....and nothing on the herald sun website either......
  3. Maybe just before the cops shift he was playing some road rash on playstation?
  4. Oh ok, so its virtually a bunch of suitcases stuck to your bike, got it 8)
  5. Just a hard cover storage for your bike. They often look mush prettier then those hardy, well loved ones look like. Check this URL out. It shows the panniers available for the Triumph Sprint ST. Much nicer looking!

  6. probably wouldnt pull over so got up beside him and pushed him off.
  7. LMFAO!!!! The image i got in my head after reading that had me in stitches. I'mage the look on a riders face if that actually happened, HAHA!!


    P.S. I'm sick of seeing police bikers wearing short sleeve shirts, and poofter lycra pants while riding. HOW ABOUT SETTING AN EXAMPLE YOU TWITS. If Cops ride around like that then new comers to the scene or Young impressionable are gonna get much more Lax when it comes to wearing the right gear.
  8. I have seen video footage of motorcycle cops doing it .
    also one copper lean his whole bike onto this other bloke , unbelievable , just leant the bike over onto him , he shit and pulled over real quick .

  9. Really?? Never saw that in VIC before! It might be in NSW only, you need to know the weather in NSW(Syndey) and the speed they can do around city.
  10. But if they don't fall off. then lycra pants and short sleeve shirt are quite appropriate riding gear... and the good example they are setting is not falling off.
  11. Sure you aren't thinking of the push bike cops, rather than the motorcycle cops?
  12. Many years ago I used to frequent the motorcross track they had under the westgate freeway, and that used to attract all kinds of imbeciles - mostly teenagers riding 80cc MX'ers, and quite often without helmets, who used public roads to get there.

    The police would appear on a regular basis, riding XR600's. One time one young hooligan decided (very stupidly) that he was going to make a run for it. The cop pulled up along side him, and literally kicked him off the bike.

    This may not have been deemed excessive force - but doing it to somebody on the road - OUCH.
  13. If you ask a motorcycle cop about why they don't wear gear, their response is their superior training makes them so much better they don't require gear.

    Don't know how their superior training protects them from imbeciles talking on their mobiles while applying makeup. But there you go.
  14. yeah i saw a bike cop the other day on the gold coast highway on ramp to the pacific motorway, doing 100+ around the big sweeper (60 zone), i kid you not, almost scraping a knee... in lycra pants and a short sleeve shirt.
  15. That may be what they trot out to the public but from chats I've had with cops it also have a lot to do with the Dept not providing the riders with proper riding gear in the first place. The regulations say you wear "this" so they wear "this" even though it is crap. They don't have the option to wear better gear as it isn't approved. Stupid I know, but that's what I've been told. They are great riders though and they'd want to be given the shit kit thay have.

  16. Just because he try to run off, escape! Once you escape this is an offence. Police officeer use acceptable force to try to catch up. All under their rules of duty.
  17. maybe the cop knocked him off his bike because he couldnt shoot him.