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Biker goes flying (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Hey here is a small clip of a bike rider who goes flying after low siding around a corner.


  2. Ouch!! Bet he thought he was superman there for a minute!!
  3. Thanks for sharing that again, really made my day.
  4. looks like the bike hits him in mid air :shock:
  5. Yeah i think that's what 'throws' him up in the air mid way through.
  6. OMFG!!!! man i hope someone had some morphine nearby. If he wasn't gone he would be a pulp...
  7. I can't watch this at work, but I think I know the one you're talking about. From memory it's from the Isle of Man TT. Poor bastard, RIP.
  8. I don't think this guy dies/died. The good thing about Break.com is that they don't post up vids or pics of people who are involved in fatal accidents/incidences (99% of the time anyway; they do VERY occasionally make mistakes). They are also good enough to go back and remove the post if they later find out that it was a fatal event.

    However just so people know this is not a gory vid in anyway at all. It is no worse from seeing you average high speed high side or end over end roll along the ground. The only difference is that this guy get's alittle more air and travels alittle further.
  9. and lands on his neck from 5 metres up at speed...
  10. if you play it again look close after he first comes off the bike actually bashes him in the head in mid air...I'm guess if not dead... then in a pretty bad way unconscious coma???
  11. I'd say the guy went limp and landed and my bet is he'd be fine because of that considering all the gear he's wearing and that he landed on a grassy bank rather than solid asphalt/concrete..
  12. I fell about 30 metres down a ravine near Omeo and didnt break anything. It's sudden stops that tend to cause the most damage. Sometimes it's amazing how little damage is done at high speed when you have a full race suit and gear on. Don't always assume that if it looks bad, it is bad. Plus if you cant handle seeing a crash, why are you riding a bike??
  13. Mate that is really old - i have seen that posted on netrider before
  14. I dont know if your talking to me... but I actually dont even have a bike as yet... also Im just commenting on him hitting his head in the video and the possible extend of injury if any that happened... im not saying I cannot handle seeing a crash...theres worse vids on the web than that one. :grin: :wink:
  15. I was talking more so to Talius with the "Thanks for sharing that again, really made my day" comment. :)
  16. Is that at the isle of mann?

    Imagine doing that off a huge cliff and landing safely in the water below.
  17. Stupidest thing i've heard anyone here say... :roll:.
  18. the guy would have been fine.
    worse accidents than that shown have occured and riders walk away.
    Thats why they wear helmets ffs.
    When you actually ride a bike maybe you will have a better idea.
    the video didn't look that bad at all imho.
  19. Who remembers the clip of Wayne Gardner hitting Franco Uncini and dislodging his helmet? Awful sight, but Franco was riding again soon after. Sometimes high speed crashes don't end up being as damaging as lower speed crashes; it depends on what you hit before you stop.....