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Biker Gets Revenge On Tailgater

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by zan, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Love or hate it, I enjoyed the video lol.
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  2. hahaha good chuckle, not sure weaving was the right tactic though, would've just pinned it and made a gap myself.
  3. lol n lol
  4. Massive over-reaction.
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  5. Agreed.

    Would have found it funny if he opened the rear door and threw a chicken in there for shits and giggles.
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  6. a live chicken or a rubber chicken? because if you mean live chicken, that would have been hilarious.
  7. i laughed out loud...but saying that - i'm drunk so easily amused
  8. A+++ would watch again.

    inb4 making it worse for everyone else.
  9. Im sure most of us have felt like that before...lol
  10. Makes you want to have a sardine tin grenade? That when you throw it in the car opens and spills sardines everywhere. Just chuck it in the back seat and disappear
  11. "There a problem?"
    *Smashes mirror*
    "Now you've got a problem, fcukwit!"

    Love it
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  12. Yes a live chicken...although it is even funnier thinking about carrying a live chicken on a bike in the first place.
  13. chicken man
  14. Nice.

    Notice, kids, that this guy had an escape route.
  15. Iv heard at certain Paintballing venues you can get paint grenades...throw the grenade and it explodes paint everywhere...could be handy to throw in back of peoples cars?...(y)
  16. fcuk that shit. If some smart arse antagonising me like he did by sitting back a mile from the traffic knocked my mirror off, I'd be doing everything in my power to catch him.
    Reminds me of someone elses video clips...looking for trouble...
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  17. dont mind what the guy did just dont think the drivers actions warranted the busted mirror.
    What if the guy in the car has a gopro on his dash many people do now days and he gives the vid to the cops they may say driver was a bit close but i think a charge of criminal damage beats that. All for being to close?
    Im not risking charges or opening a can of whoop arse (stone cold austin style) just for being to close.
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  18. That would make an awesome movie!

    Also I think you're thinking of the same guy.
  19. It's just another example of someone with a camera looking for youtube views.
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  20. Why O why do these young nobs film every ride they go on ?
    It's pathetic,it's like they need evidence when they go home crying to mum about the cruel world.
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