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Biker gets pulled by a horse for a wheelie

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Justus, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Good cop or bad cop?

  2. City of London police rarely book anyone for traffic offences. It's in their remit but they're more interested in other activities.
  3. Hehehehe :D

    "A biker was given a dressing down by a police officer on horseback after he pulled a wheelie in London’s Square Mile.

    The biker pulled the stunt as he rode through the City, in an area which has a 20mph speed limit.

    The entire incident was recorded on his helmet mounted camera. He later posted the footage to YouTube."

    Further info in link

    Make sure you watch the linked Youtube video with the sound turn well up. The coppers dialogue is pure gold.
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  4. hmm sensible policing....... never happen here, would have lost his bike and been fined into the poor house.....
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  5. Here's the YouTube:

    "Get out of the square mile, and don't come back"

    That would be a City of London copper, then; not a Metropolitan policeman ;)
  6. He needs to get off his high horse.
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  7. He was just horsing around.
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  8. ^^ dad jokes
  9. <-- Dad
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  10. The best kind!! :D
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  11. To be fair, he WAS pulling a 60mph mono alongside peds. Very level-headed copper, I would have strung that biatch up.
  12. Well he wasn't putting up with any horse shit, was he?
  13. Good thing he didn't tell him twice, that would have been nag ging.
  14. The mane thing is that he didn't saddle him with an infringement.
  15. You guys need to reign in your comments...
  16. Always at least 1 neigh-sayer.
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  17. Well someone has to stirrup trouble!
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  18. Think you guys are beating a dead horse with these puns now.
  19. Was that wheely necessary?
  20. Good to see a stable thread going.