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Biker gets away with it!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, May 16, 2011.

  1. haha, happy ending
  2. See, this is a clear case of "reasonable doubt", unlike "some other case"
  3. No dodging or getting away with anything...it's up to the courts to prove "beyond reasonable doubt" he commited the offenses. Clearly they couldn't do that, however I bet even though charges were dropped and he has no case to answer he still probably has a legal bil of many thousands of dollars.](*,)
  4. It's idiots like this that give riders bad names. Moron.
  5. Why does riding a bike automatically make a person an ambassador for the entire motorcycle community? Who do you wish to prevent having a 'bad name' with?
  6. Hmm.... high powered black honda motorcycle in Canberra


    Yeah, probably that guy.
  7. The bad name is half the appeal tbh
  8. this just make me sad
  9. #10 E2W, May 16, 2011
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    As sheriff Buford T. Justice once said "what we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law!"

    [media=youtube]uN3c64j2DPE[/media] (fast forward to 3 minutes and 22 seconds)
  10. Only 63 charges..fkn Lightweight,

    Cheffie could rack up double that before breakfast and only a few would involve animals!!
  11. Why does one priest who can't keep himself away from the boys put into disrepute the entire clergy?
  12. Ahahahaha
  13. Would hate to be riding a black honda in act right now.. Get pulled over every 5 mins. Wonder how many kittens died.
  14. My friend J used to ride through a speed camera on his way to university that was pointing toward him. IF there was no traffic he'd go through just quick enough to set it off, while giving it the finger. He did this for about a month then one morning when just by chance there were a lot of cars and he was riding slowly, there was a cop car waiting just past the camera. He got pulled over and the cop probed him with questions trying to get him to admit to it, but failing. After plates and licence had checked out but before the cop sent him on his way, the cop took a snap of him and his bike with a digital camera and warned that if he did it again they'd use it to match them together.

    I've been tempted just to do it once, to tick it off my list so to speak but don't want to push my luck while still on my Ls.
  15. Must warn my friend who's thinking of getting her licence to be aware that conformity and obedience are part of her ambassodorial duty if she chooses to ride.
  16. The catholic priesthood is attractive to peodophiles. Motorcycles are attractive to speed freaks.
  17. And criminals.
  18. When legal constraints ( 50 km hr speed zones ) become oppressive, normally law abiding people become criminals.
  19. and duct tape! :cheeky: