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Biker gang/club with red cross

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bugjuice88, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. What biker club/gang has a red cross?

  2. The God Squad
  3. Is that the only one? The patch on the guys I saw looked a little bit different, looked a bit more nazi like. Some I wouldn't have imagined being christian!

  4. You do know that Nazi's are Christian's...
  5. They are the knights of nih who are experts in the medieval art of shrubberies
  6. I don't know of any others
  7. ..The Ambo's!!.... damn handy to be in, in case of accident!!.. 8-[
  8. :D Ahh yes, I'd thought I'd seen them getting around on bikes these days. Bunch of trouble, or shrubble, makers.
  9. Context? Possibly Red Knights who are an international club made up of fire fighters.
  10. I meant that the symbol was more nazi symbol looking, not that the guys were nazi, and that they didnt look as if they were christians. But hey who knows!?!

    Yeah done a quick google search and couldnt seem to find any symbols that looked similar. Maybe I didn't see it properly. Who knows I could have dreamt it.:-w

    Haha an ambo biker club... Well they were probly carrying pain killers but not that kind!
  11. one of theses...

  12. Bloody Knights of St George, swapped thier horses for horsepower!
  13. This is what you would have seen Picture 3.
  14. I sincerely hope not considering that symbol is protected by the Geneva Convention and recognised world wide.

    There are penalties for it's misuse and yes, Red Cross do follow up on people who do.
  15. tramp i believe the god squad counsels to biker gangs. they've been there ( as in perhaps been past OMG ) but have found a different calling.

    i'm sure i aint telling you anything you dont know anyway....and out of any of the "biker gangs" i have a fair amount of respect for these guys....
  16. dat's a cross of st george I think
  17. Since when do the Red Cross own the rights to a Maltese Cross???
  18. How do you figure?
  19. I have figured it. You should read about it and figure it too.

    They saw themselves as the purist Christians at the time.
  20. They may have thought that of themselves, but they certainly weren't Christians, particularly given their occultist beliefs.