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Biker from India!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gaurav Khanna, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hello guys,
    I know this is an aussie website but there r not many good forums in india. I would luv to join u guys. I own a 2012 Suzuki GS150R and its my first own bike. well, they say ur first bike is like ur first wife! and its pretty much like that, not a day goes by without her...

    anyways it feels good to be here.
  2. Welcome to NetRider mate (y)
  3. Hi, and welcome :)

    For those who don't know (I didn't until a bit of Googling) this is the GS150R:

    Nice looking bike. What's it like to ride?
  4. hey mate, welcome to NR.

    are you on XBHP as well?
  5. Welcome to NR Gavrav,

    I have ridden all sorts of bikes in India,reading your post reminded me of my dream (school days) of owning a Honda CBZ.

    Honda Splender, Bajaj pulser,suzuki samurai,yamaha rx100/rx135 are some of the bikes i remember top my my head.
  6. Thnx for the worm reply guys.

    Ducan the ride is butter smooth on highways and it handels big humps well in indian road conditions. Its lovely to ride this bike. I drive 70km on a daily basis and this is the only ride that could give me enough comfort and drive faster than anybody on the road with no difficulties.

    trd2000, yes m on xbp but i dont really use it much as it is very heavily populated and its difficult to find what we r looking for.
  7. Thnx raj,

    collage days r best-aren't they? :D
    cbz and pulsar r great bikes, i rode almost all bikes in india! :D

    the main reason i joined here is that i was trying to find a jacket which i can wear whole year, cant find anything in india but got something from australia and its best to ask aussies for thing from aus. So guys help me out here....

    one of my aussie friend says that he could buy and send me this jacket but its all the money i got and i wanna spend it on something that i could wear all year around.

    I live in Gurgaon (New Delhi), in summers it get above 45C, then comes rain which is pretty floody and then the winter is chilly too. It gets around 2C here.

    So would this jacket be any good for the place like this?

    rjays all season 2 jacket

    sry NR wouldnt let me post link... :devil:
    just google it.. its easy to find:joyful:
    thnx in advance ;)
  8. just wear a tshirt and thongs
  9. i get cold for whole year by doing that. i usually drive 100kmph+ and weather changes drastically here