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Biker fatality and limitations on driving age

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tubbsy, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Just saw this on the SMH this morning, very tragic. My thoughts go out to the bikers family.

    It made me curious, being new to Aus, is there an age at where you start getting re-tested every few years for driving licences? Or is it a case of once you have it you can drive forever?

    Without casting aspersions or blame, the thing that immediately jumps out is that the car driver is 92 years old. I know 93 year olds who are still sprightly, but driving a car is a demanding thing, especially 4x4's with their limited turning radius and blind spots. (I know cos I drive them)

    Very sad thing to have happened, for both of them.
  2. 80 I believe.
  3. he's already getting eyesight and physical driving test every 2 years at his age (recently changed up from every year). What else can you do.


    Annual medical check-ups now start from the age of 75, instead of 80. Eight weeks before your birthday each year, you’ll receive a medical report form for your doctor to complete, which you’ll need to return to any RTA motor registry.
    Practical driving assessments for drivers from the age of 85 will now be every two years (age 85, 87, 89 etc) instead of every year.
  4. I'm not sure that they retest here in Vic, could be wrong though.
    My grandmother is approaching 90 years old and has only just stopped driving. Not by choice, only cause my father sold her car from under her. She should have stopped driving 30 years ago she was that bad! It was a very hard thing to do for my father as she still thought she was fine to drive. Trust me, she wasn't!
  5. http://northern-district-times.whereilive.com.au/news/story/rider-killed/

    If he was travelling east along Victoria road, just before midday, the visibility would have been fine if a little overcast. Motorcycle travelling in opposite direction with headlight on, should have been very visible.

    He's turned in front of the bike, and it looks like he's pushed the bike and rider into the side street, or they were deflected down that way, and then after hitting the bike, he's continued on and kept turning, doing a u-turn to end up in the front yard of the house on the corner.

  6. That's what I mean, such a tragedy. A family is now minus their Dad/brother/son, and that poor old guy will now have to live with what happened in the twilight of his life.

    I love the older generation, so much wisdom and so many cool stories, but yeh, driving tends to be a bit iffy at best for them generally speaking. But like 'bonox' said, "What else can you do"?
  7. Humans err and accidents happen, no matter their age or the size of their vehicle.
  8. No arguments there, but I'd also say that with age comes a diminishing of reaction time, and reaction time is a major factor in avoiding accidents.
  9. Make those over 80 do the same hazard perception tests as P platers do to test their reaction times and observation skills.
  10. should be australia wide, and ALOT younger than 80.

    tests should start at 70 imo, my grandad was gone by that time (not dead, just in the head) and there was no ****ing way he should have been driving.

    he was shocking, drifting across lanes, his car was a manual, he'd look down for a good 2-3 seconds everytime he shifted gears. was not fun to be a passenger with.
  11. In Victoria the main responsibility for this has been put onto GPs, who are legally obliged to report to Vicroads anyone (any age) that they believe is unfit to drive. They can also make a binding recommendation that borderline cases only travel in their local area (shops etc.)
    Of course, this assumes that people will go to the doctor in the first place, asnd that the doc will actually spend time considering their fitness to drive.

    But we need to balance this seeming inadequacy with the reality that old-age drivers are relatively under-represented, overall, in road trauma - both as victim and culprit.

    Small comfort for the one's they do harm, though.

    Me, I'm now closer to the day when I start worrying about them stopping ME riding....
  12. It regularly gets mentioned here that continued driver training/testing sucks, so why demonise older drivers who ~pass~ regular tests instead of applauding the application of additional rigour we should have at all ages? Thread is being as arbitrary as 'speed kills' bike haters :p

    To really argue for driver skills surely the place to start is where it works. (I'm assuming here the skills test is meaningful, since I do know folk who failed it and have adamantly wished I could force it on some family...)

    Edit: Dangit Titus, snuck in under my essay x:
  13. It's supposedly a known black spot, I was listening to 2GB in the car when they mentioned the story and a couple of people called up about their accidents there as well - all of them let through the call line were talking about the right hand turn.
  14. Does it really!?
  15. I know of an Insurer who requires a medial check to be completed if you are 80 or over... I agree that this should really be done by doctors/vicroads and be mandatory from age 75.

    I also thing that it should be mandatory for EVERYONE to undertake a skilled drivers course (like AAMI offer) before getting their P plates. I've seen so many P platers doing such stupid things.....
  16. I would support retesting for every licence renewal. Once every ten years shouldn't be a terrible bother, and ensures a minimum of skill is continued.
  17. no one should be able to drive at 92. I know its politically incorrect to say, but thats how i feel.
  18. I know what you mean Jimbo, know a lot of people feel the same about 18yr olds.
    You can have my licence's when you pry it from my cold dead fingers OR I dont pass the test.
  19. I'd push for every 5 years if i could have things my way.
  20. I've seen so many fully licensed people doing stupid things. The licence has nothing to do with it, its the person.

    An idiot with a 'P' plate will just turn into an idiot with a full license.