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Biker Down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by orcus, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Seems that there is another biker down reported here every second week and it is with much regret to be informed of another.

    Pete the Freak was knocked off on his way to work this morning by a car backing out a driveway. He is currently in North Shore Hospital awaiting a surgeons decision on surgery to a broken foot. Other than the foot a bit banged up and sore and sorry.

    Mate thoughts are with you for a speedy recovery and if you need any help with anything you have my number.

    Wouldn't you know it you finally get rid of those L plates and now you can't ride for a while.

  2. Ouch! That's a tough break, just off the L's. Hopefully he's up again quickly.
  3. Hope Pete gets well soon, sadly these threads are becoming a regular occurance, I impore everyone to take care out there.... and watch out for all those road users that are out to get us.
  4. Ouch! Glad to hear that the foot is the worst of it (that said, speaking from experience it can be a lot worse in the long run).
    Healing thoughts for you Pete. Here's hoping sexy nurses are headed your way :)
  5. hope you are back on the bike soon. take it easy and get better quick..
  6. damn! sorry to hear that. heal fast.
  7. Cheers, Pete, get well soon.
  8. Far out.. Get well Pete! i hope your foot gets better without surgery.
  9. Bugger. Get better soon PTF.
  10. Get well soon Pete ya Freak.
    Hope you heal quickly.
  11. Hey Pete sorry to hear of your accident, hope you get well soon
  12. Sorry to hear pete , heal quick mate .
  13. Sorry to hear mate, I wish you a speedy recovery.

  14. Get better fast and get back on the bike even faster.

  15. get well soon ptf
  16. bad luck dude. i hope you made a decent dent in the car! well at least you can sstill play in your band anyway.... :wink:
  17. hope the reversing car admitted responsibility, and the hospital you're stuck in has decent food :D
  18. Decent food, a room with a view, cable TV and nurses from Sports Illustrated! :LOL:

    Seriously - sorry to hear about your off Pete, get well soon.
  19. get well soon ptf..
  20. Nasty luck, hope you are feeling a whole lot better real soon PTF.