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Biker dobs on other rider for performing a wheelie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smileedude, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Biker performs wheelie in front of police on Oxford Street

    A motorcyclist performed a high-speed wheelie in front of shocked police on a busy Sydney street.

    After doing a wheelie on Oxford Street, Paddington, the driver's passenger - riding pillion - was caught jerking his thumb at officers.

    The incident was caught on video by blogger RidebyBen in broad daylight earlier this month. The blogger, wearing a yellow helmet with a blue visor, was riding nearby.

    The passenger gestures to police. Photo: RidebyBen

    Assistant Police Commissioner John Hartley told media he was "shocked and disgusted" that someone would take that sort of risk on a public street.

    Speaking to Nine News, Chris Burns from the Motorcycle Council of NSW said the behaviour undid four years of goodwill that the organisation had built with authorities.

    The video blogger known as RidebyBen didn't want to be identified. He took the video on two GoPro cameras, one attached to his helmet and another on the bike.

    A video blogger captured the high-speed wheelie on Oxford Street Paddington. Photo: ridebyben

    The video blogger told Fairfax Media that the riders of the other bike weren't wearing any other protective clothing other than helmets, something he said was called "squidding" by other bikers.

    "I'd rather sweat in my gear than bleed," he said, adding that it was a very hot day when he took the video.

    As the video blogger stopped at a light, he captured them speeding away as police followed.

    A video blogger known as @RideByBen captured footage of a dangerous rider on Oxford Street. Photo: RidebyBen

    "God, I hope I got that, that was awesome," said RideByBen in his video.
    Police reminded motorcyclists that wearing the right protective gear could save lives, and minimise the chance of hospitalisation after a crash.

    "Our motorcycle crash testing shows how the right protective gear can turn what might have been a hospital stay into a minor injury.

    "To improve your safety, wear riding gear that covers your whole body and has impact protectors for your joints," NSW Police said on Facebook a few days ago.
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  2. I hope the plod was wearing adequate protection too. That burn would have hurt bad.
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  3. Hmm, the guy who filmed it said it was awesome, but then handed in the video with number plate details?....
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  4. I believe the camera man has committed the bigger offence.
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  5. wanker
    formerly known as
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  7. I can see that he jerked his thumb, but it is a bit of a stretch to say that he jerked his thumb at them.
  8. According to what I heard on channel 9 news he flipped the bird, must have been another film they saw, looked like a thumbs up to me.
  9. hmm...the police officer in this photo had his back to the street, love that extra bit of value add you get from Channel Nine commentary....
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  10. The video blogger Ridebyben can EAD.
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  11. No one likes a nark, what a twat.
  12. Amazing how many people here defend crime..................
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  13. depends on your definition of what a crime is
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  14. Actually, this morning, I saw someone chuck a really nice wheelie, turning off Parramatta Road onto James Ruse Drive.

    No, I didn't get a recording of it.....

    No, I didn't notice the bike's number.....

    But it was nice to see someone obviously enjoying themselves.:)

    No kittens were harmed.
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  15. Yeah smoking on top of a gas cylinder cage(y)
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  16. In NSW basically it boils down to, did the person enjoy doing what they did, if so, chances are, it is a crime.

    If there isn't a crime written down someplace, the powers that be will make one up.
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  17. Or make everyone stop doing it because it's "late at night".
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  18. I don't have a personal definition of crime.......
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  19. Assuming the bike wasn't stolen and the kid had a license then as crimes go it's at the lower end of the scale, besides which I see people, rather than defending the act, being pissed with the dobber, I get that.
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  20. Exactly what criminal act has been committed?