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Biker broken down in burnleigh (burnly?) tunnel... 7/12

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StereoHead, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Going throught he burnly tunnel this morning I spotted a guy standing next to a VTR-250 right at the edge, against the wall...

    I was 2 lanes over and couldnt do anything (not that I could have done anything anyway)...

    He was holding a cellphone... Not sure if that would work..

    What a terrifying position to be in.... The trucks that go through there dont leave much space between them and the wall... All it needs is for 2 trucks to be right behind each other and that guy would be ketchup...

    What would you do if you broke down in the tunnel?
  2. should I call someone? Im not sure who to call for something like that?

    (this happened 12 minutes ago)
  3. Saw him too
    Also saw on their way before, a shittylink truck heading to the tunnel.
    For all the wrongs shittylink have their response team for any breakdowns is impressive.
  4. they dont like you sitting on the side of there freeways , if your not broken down they move you on pretty quick :oops:
  5. But you get moved on everywhere Glen :LOL:
  6. They all use the same Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for their In Building Coverage (IBC) in the Tunnels for their Cellular Mobile Telephone Systems (CMTS) so, Yes, they all work in the tunnels.
  7. Youre supposed to go to make out point on the boulevard for that kind of thing!
  8. There are little alcoves in the sides of the tunnel... if standing by the bike isn't safe (and it probably isn't!) then perhaps standing in one of those would be better... I'm sure the truck would pick you up from there as well (they are pretty close together).
  9. Dont think there is one on the left hand side of the tunnel going into the city...