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Biker brain!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tubbsy, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Such a beautiful morning today, I decided to ride in, and what an awesome ride it in it was. Totally worth it!

    Get to work, to my highly business environment place of employ....to discover my work shirt took the day off and is sitting at home on the bed.

    So here I sit, in my 'No Fear' T-shirt, while all around me are suited and tied. He he he. Anyone else routinely forget to pack something in the excitement of riding their bikes? Or am I justa doofus? ](*,)

  2. Oh you poor soul havent had to wear a suit in ten years.
    Though have forgotten my jeans from time to time, leathers aren't comfortable to sit in so I always have a spare set of shorts and Tshirt in one of my drawers at work. Mid day ride I see coming?
  3. I forgot shoes on monday, suit and dri-rider boots...a pretty good look!
  4. I wish! Once you have a parking in Sydney CBD, you don't give it up.

    Yeh, was almost a deal breaker when I found out it was all business atire always here.
  5. $5 all day parking at the Goulburn St parking garage, if you're not far from it. It's my fallback.

    Speaking of parking, what the hell, I arrived at 7:15 and there were about 3 spaces free on Pitt st this morning. Gonna have to get up earlier!
  6. Good tip, cheers. I'm on Kent street.

    I arrived about 7.30 and there was Zero parking off the triangle park place on York street. More people must ride when it's nice.
  7. Luckily at work we have decent sized bathrooms w/ showers and storage, I just keep a spare pair of pants in my space and take both pairs home on Friday afternoon.

    I find it MUCH easier to ride into work earlier and sit down have a coffee read the paper and then go have a shower then having a shower/coffee at home and then being stuck in traffic for an extra half hour but on a Monday morning I must of been half asleep because I ended up walking into the change rooms and open my bag, and thinking 'dammit forgot my work pants', and that morning I was wearing my tight jeans and it was a fairly hot day.
  8. ha,ha,ha,ha,!! That's funny!!...=D>

    ..I was on my bike just after 5am this morning....it was a struggle to go back home and get ready for work!... it was just beudiful!!....:woot: (so yeah!, I could have easily forgotten to go back home!!)...
  9. Have forgotten my shoes on a Friday once as it's casual day. I leave a pair of shoes at work though so I had something to walk around in. Looked like a doofus wearing business shoes and shorts but whatever.

    Have never forgotten my shirt though, but that might because I ride every day, rain, hail or shine so I have a routine going.
  10. It's all good mate, just go with the "biker rebel" persona... :) Use it to your advantage..
  11. I am.....Aussie GM for our global company(top bloke, oversees several hundred people) just walked past and joked that standards were dropping in our corner.....told him it's cos I actually have 'No Fear' and needed to let it be known. 8-[
  12. Yeah, I've come to work in my r-jays wet weather pants and been stuck wearing them for the whole day. Everyone looks (and laughs I imagine) as your thighs swish through an otherwise quiet office. Everything else can be passed off as poor fashion sense but these pants just make you look like a dork unless you are less than 2 feet away from a bike.
  13. Those are excellent, thank you!
  14. God I love being self-employed! :p
  15. BTW, if you do park at Goulburn st, don't get a paper ticket, just ride through the barrier and then park in one of the motorcycle bays and prepay your parking with a card or a $5 note using the little machine there.
  16. Yeah Tubbsy, I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I have forgotten my shirt a few times - I have made a couple of emergency trips to the Rivers shop across the street. Not that I'm a massive fan of Rivers but they open at 9am and they sometimes have stuff on sale. The 3rd time it happened I said "bugger this I am not buying another bloody shirt". So I got back on the bike and went home to get one!!!

    Proud to say I have not forgotten anything in quite a while now ... it sort of becomes automatic once you've been in the routine for long enough :)

  17. Simple solution.

  18. I'm confused. Why wouldn't you just wear your work clothes to work?
  19. .. I see a guy in the City, regulary riding is a suit, tie and business shoes... he looks like a tit!!.... 8-[