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Biker blitz isn't the answer, warn Mick Doohan and Casey Stoner

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vi...and-casey-stoner/story-e6frf7kx-1225936862259

  2. These are the results shown to me just now:

    I wonder if they cleared them at some point... or if it has something to do with my european proxy.
  3. The poll question sucks. Stoner was talking about education but the poll talks about tougher rules. WTF?
  4. All for it. The more training for riders (and drivers!) the better for everyone.

    Ok, so I've only been riding on the road since Feb but the L's test in Victoria is a joke and the license test is little better. I'd love to see the L's courses beefed up to include an on road component. It kinda boggles my mind in hindsight that they let you go from pootling around a glorified carpark to out on the road on your own with no real intermediate step.

    Really to be done safely and efficiently it needs a proper VicRoads road training facility built somewhere. Get some cheap waste land somewhere and put up a few blocks worth of faux suburb to use as a controlled environment for testing. Remember the traffic school you probably went to as a primary school kid? Think that but adult sized.

    Would be all for mandatory retesting and advanced training too for that matter. I know it all costs money but I'd rather it be extracted in a useful way than have it extracted as fines and associated bs.
  5. It's the Hun. I was expecting it to ask, "Should all bikers be A) Shot, 8) Electrocuted C) Hung, Drawn and Quartered."
  6. I'm now picturing a little village like at the paintball fields - and coming up with a mental business plan for the venue to offer driver/rider training, paintball, and one random day a month, the two get combined! :D
  7. Edit: Wrong thread.
  8. Something very fishy going on there. I saw the poll this morning, it had about 100 votes, and it was around 80% for "No".

    I wouldn't put it past the Hun to keep clearing the poll until the desired outcome was achieved.
  9. Actually, gripes aside it's pretty good coverage. Two respected public figures (respected by us, anyway) have there say and there isn't really too much naysaying.

    From the sound of it, KL didn't even contradict them on the radio, either.
  10. Yeah well,.... when they tack this onto the end of their poll, you can be sure you arent going to be heard if arent saying quite what they want to hear........
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  12. Seems like the Hun poll doesn't get updated much...

    Yes 46.07% (123 votes)
    No 53.93% (144 votes)
    Total votes: 267

    It's a bit like the comments - they never seem to appear if they don't suppiort the Hun's line. (Apart from a token opposing comment)
  13. its just crap.

    casey and mick are on the ball, but the average joe in the street won't listen because they are racers, so therefore must race on the streets and be hoons etc.

    i get so much crap from all sorts of people because i ride bikes, and am a p plate commodore driver. it just sickens me the amount of abuse i get from most people who think i am some sort of low experienced hoon.

    little do they know i had been racing motorcycles for more than 13 years before i even got my p plates, so i have had so much experience about weighing my own abilities against the state of fatigue my body is in, and the conditions of where i was riding and the capabilities of my bike.

    this obviously transfers over to driving, and i have missed that many close calls from other drivers mistakes just because i could predict they were going to happen.

    for example: one night driving back from a friends place with a mate in the passengers seat. it had just started to rain after a while of not raining and there were some corners approaching.

    i backed off early for one of the corners with low visibility and my mate asked why? just as she asked why i was driving a little slower than she thought i should have been, a car comes into the corner from the opposite way, loses the rear over a few bumps (slightly damp worn bitchumen probably with oil on the top), driver panics and locks the brakes and does about 3 360's before stopping facing backwards in my lane.

    because there was insufficient space for me to stop before hitting the other car i had to quickly adjust my line through the corner so i would drive on the wrong side of the road then quickly get back on my side of the road to avoid more incoming traffic.

    as you could imagine, my mate was screaming thinking that this was going to be the end of us.

    i pulled over to the side of the road to check out the other driver and see if they hit anything. the driver was mid 40's in a falcon (the model before AU, whatever that is). he didnt hit anything so i just said 'hey mate, after you've cleaned your jocks out you should book in for some driver training, this could have been avoided quite easily. its not that expensive and certainly is better than having to take your car to the panel shop and ending up in hospital.'

    he was still in a bit of a stress out mode and was all confused why it happened. i talked him through what i saw and what would have been a better way of approaching this corner. he was quite surprised at how i was able to think clearly and not stress out in a situation like this.

    a funny comment he left me with was this. 'you know, if i saw you drive past i would automatically think you were a stupid p plate hoon. but now i know that you're not all idiots and that many of us older drivers think that our skills are quite good just because we've had licences for longer, but its not actually the case. i'm very lucky that you knew how to drive because this would have been alot worse.'

    when i got back to my car my mate asked how i knew something would happen on this corner. she said she would have just slammed on the brakes and hoped for the best. she now knows that sometimes, just slamming on the brakes isn't the best option.

    if only people knew how to drive properly, none of this would have happened and the road toll would drop.
  14. ^^Good work. Most people have no idea what hydroplaning even is.
    Sorry to have to say this but falcadore + pplate = hoon 80% of the time. I have 4 pplate commodore friends and 3 have had serious crashes so I’d say it’s a fair generalisation. I’m all for scraping the auto licence and getting p platers out of 1700kg v6's with sloppy diffs :D, resume topic.
  15. just voted latest count
    37.41% (104 votes)
    62.59% (174 votes)
  16. SPEEDING KILLS...Baaaaaaahhhh!!!


    I swear this great country is going down the toilet with all these ridiculous draconian rules, they don't care about our safety, its only about revenue and controlling the populace.
  17. The culture of safety and security eats away at everything we do and dinosaurs like myself, find it harder to explain that each of us must stand up and be counted. Helmets, protective clothing, leg protectors, electronic safety devices may or may not save us. Our wits and God’s favour might. But in the end, we must have the right to live our lives as we see fit, respecting our fellow man, but in freedom”.
    Trevor Baird, Former General Secretary of MAG UK

    “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible”. (T. E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars Of Wisdom)

    BTW - TAC won't be putting their mobile billboards in the rider assembly areas for the GP Run. But they will be down the route like last year.
  18. Whoever is at the track, saunter up to the tac stand and gove them a serve, the more they get that we are angry the better, also the melbourne motorcycle expo is on this year next month and the tac will have a stand there, make sure we give them heaps, the more vitriol we serve up to them the better, maybe they will realise just how pissed off we are with them.
  19. 1. Was this 57 year old an L, P or otherwise inexperienced rider?
    2. How much 'experience', 'training' or 'restriction' is required to convince anyone that overtaking on the wrong side of a double white line when unsighted from oncoming traffic is dangerous?
    3. Would the outcome have been better if he'd pulled the same manoeuvre in a truck?
  20. Is it just me or did they disable the ability to vote no.
    i clicked the no box and nothing happens when i click on vote now lol

    My bad they just reset it again it now shows 0 yes 3 no