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Biker Bars

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tank, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Are there any biker bars in Melbourne? I'd be shocked if there wasn't one, but I've done a bit of research and I honestly can't find any.

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  3. Lmao!! I LOL'd so hard @ the above post! Sorry to the OP! :p To answer your question though, unless you're part of some gang/club & essentially 'take over' a bar due to numbers, then no, there isn't really any particular place.

    There's that, OR you join in on the odd coffee/cruise nights, etc.

  4. It's not unusual to see lotsa bikes outside the Royal Hotel on the Mornington Esplanade..on the weekend..depending on the weather. I agree with Grumpy..if you are out with a bunch of mates and decide to pull in to a random pub for a frosty..a biker bar is born.
  5. But I'm honestly surprised there isn't a place exclusively for bikers to hang out. A biker bar would be a great place to go and hang out on a sunday morning :p I'm thinking about starting a biker bar (I do have some experience in the industry) but it won't be any time soon and my mates told me the only way this would work is if I know somebody high up in a biker gang.
  6. Tank there is one bar/restaurant in my area that I know of that is always frequented by riders mainly harleys, buells as it is located across a harley/buell dealership but still see sports bikes and scooters there on occasions.

  7. Is this guy trolling?
  8. 'Biker Bars' are mostly for the Harley riders et all...

    You know? the ones where the 'riders' actually do fcukall riding and mostly sitting around with their bikes parked soooo close looking like the wnakers they really are.

    "Ohh what mean Mo-fos those dudes must be with their cool shades, shiny sooo sooo shiny bikes parked out the front and all their H-D stamped gear on"

    Sorry Tank, I'm with Rabbito

    Good luck tho Bro!!

    Ibast, possibily. Its a great Troll discussion topic innit?
  9. Most real motorcyclists would be riding their bikes on a Sunday morning, not sitting in a pub or coffee shop......

  10. Amen..

    Except on a nice day at the Mt White Cafe maybe?
  11. Maybe, but it's a big maybe. I often get shitted off when you go for a ride with a group and spend more time in cafe's than riding.
  12. Try the Ferntree Gully Hotel (the Mexican looking one, AKA The Middle), Burwood Highway, on Sunday arvos.

    Always a collection of riders. Plenty of opportunities to talk bike crap with other enthusiasts.

    Free high quality Rock'n'Roll bands from 4:00 to 7:00. The dance floor gets crowded but there is a good vibe.

    The place has a great style, it is scruffy but friendly.
  13. Tank's Biker Bar - open all hours.

    I'd say the guy on the right is pretty high up...although that could be his pillion trying to update him...not that there's anything wrong with that.


  14. Interesting. I'm surprised I haven't heard of that place, looks like a nice place to chill on a lazy afternoon. Cheers.

    Is FTG Hotel the one near Maxi Foods, or is it the one near Pool Room? Always get confused between those 2.

  15. Bar's that are open on Sunday mornings are generally called "Recovery parties" to cater for the kids whacked out of their skulls on drugs from the night before. Just keep an eye out for the girls wearing fluffly leg warmers and listen for the throbbing of bass eminating from the bar.
    Some of these fine establishments are run by a section of the bike community so enquire at your own peril..................[-(
  16. Certainly cant have anything like that in WA.

    Bars don't open till midday Sundays!!

  17. Ive seen that happen, but with sports bikes, and instead of bars, its coffee shops, just an observation.
  18. Its the one I am at when there are no rides on or I have rolled in early from one,
    I also dance rock and roll when not riding the Bird,

  19. When you work in fast food you really get to see how often people ride to these joints for a quick meal on a sunday morning. I'll admit they are mostly with sport bikes though.
  20. If you're looking for a biker bar, you'll have to go to America.

    In Australia we have bikies.