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Biker auction

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Woghog, May 25, 2005.


    BIKERS AUCTION – 28th MAY 2005

    BUACA Qld will be holding an auction to raise funds for their cause. All the goods have been donated and have a biker theme (t shirts, spare parts etc).

    Donations can be viewed at

    The auction will be held at the clubhouse of the Vietnam Veterans MC (Qld Chapter) at 132 Meakin Road Kingston (ring 07 3804 3242). Viewing will commence at 12 noon with bidding to start from 2pm approx.

    After the auction you are invited to stay and party. Live music from the Fat Pigs. Refreshments in abundance.

    There’s 10 acres so bring your swag or tent and camp overnight.

    All welcome. Come along and help stamp out child abuse.
  2. All money raised by the BUACA (non profit organisation)on the day is to be donated to Bravehearts, which is a counselling service for sexually abused children..........unfortunately this is a sad fact of life, and we are trying to make a difference in these childrens lives. Bravehearts gets very little government funding, so need all the help they can get. At the present time they are seeing up to 80 children a week......... :cry:

    BRAVEHEARTS aims to forge a ‘movement for change’ in how paedophilia is dealt with by the criminal justice sector, government and the community at large and to provide survivors with a voice. Advocating for both healing and preventative strategies, Bravehearts provides comprehensive counselling for child and adult survivors of child sexual assault, and is actively involved in education, prevention, early intervention and research programs.


  3. woghog/susan
    Do they have any similar ones down here in Victoria ?
  4. And - if you're a Maroon supporter - there's a 25 year commemorative State of Origin banner signed by all the Qld players.

    Get along for just that.
  5. Damn I thought they were auctioning bikers! I was gonna get me a tall cute independantly wealthy one!

    Sounds like a good cause maybe one in Melb would be a goer!
  6.  Top
  7. Well I'm tall and cute but not independent or wealthy...:LOL:...yeah, I know, tickets on yerself....:LOL:
  8. Jees Moike. Good to see you find the title so funny. Pity - some of us in this world care about what happens to children.

    Some of us are prepared to try and stop child abuse.

    Then again - some of us like to make jokes about it.
  9. Hey grobert no they dont have one in Victoria.......
  10. Some of us care about lots of evil things, but it doesn't stop us having a sense of humour.

    So what's the BACA - BUACA thing about. It seems odd to have two competing "biker" groups working separately on the same thing.

  11. A sense of humour is essential to get you through life - but there's a time and place for everything - and child abuse is absolutely no laughing matter.

    As for the BACA/BUACA thing - why don't you contact them and ask them. I'm only a messenger.
  12. Was someone laughing about child abuse?

    I take it you'll be policing the party after the auction to make sure there is no merriment.
  13. It's a great cause and I hope you get loads of support for it.

    I can't see why you would want to take a swip at someone for trying to be funny.
    I mean I can't see how it detracts from what you are trying to do.

    Maybe I am just blind.
  14. Hmmm. Making inappropriate remarks must be a Melbourne thing.
  15. We are raising the awarness of child sexual abuse............................

    The BUACA was formed in Australia about 4 years ago the guy that founded it found the BACA on the web got in contact with them and asked if he could start it over here, unfortunately they were only just starting up and they were not prepared to bring the BACA into Australia, so that is how the BUACA came about. Then Pete got seriously ill with a lung diease and the BUACA had to go on the backburner for a few years, it was then started up again, and some people down in SA and the ACT thought it was a good thing so came on board, unfortunately the people in SA decided that they should get all the glory for the launching of the BUACA when it was brought to there attention that it was not their doing they got a bit upset and at the begining of this year said that they would be supporters of the BACA instead, which still has not decided to come to Australia, and the people down south can only be supporters. The BUACA is only in Qld now. We have got 20 members, and are growing steadily, we do buddy runs in which we go and visit abused children, let them now that there are people out here who care about them..................and this is our way of doing it....By having this auction this weekend, also as I said earlier the money that we are raising is going to BRAVEHEARTS who at present counsel approximately 80 children a week who have been sexually abused.........

  16. BACA currently has a charter chapter in South Australia and are forming more in most states of Australia. 8)

    BUACA has been around for a while now and are doing a great job of raining the awareness of child abuse as well as raising funds to help the victims of child abuse. Their auction this coming weekend will raise alot of money by selling goods that have been donated to them for this cause, by all sorts of bikers, including 1%ers.
  17. By the way,
    Perhaps the next time you see one of these supposed "Filthy Bikies" you might like to remember that these guys also care about what goes on. They are not all "Drug dealers on motorbikes", thanks Mike Rann.
  18. I think there are fair few people on this forum sick of stereotypes. Well said.
  19. For someone who signs up to Netrider for the sole purpose of posting a Bikers Auction for a BLOODY GOOD CAUSE needs to be a little more civil than a snide and condescending IMHO. You were asked a civil question and more importantly a legitimate one at that.

    And how do you reply.................................You contact them and ask them.

    How bloody pompus are you.

    Well if thats your attitude (being a condescending snide smartarse) then I don't hold much faith in the support group for the young kiddies up there.


    Cheers 8)