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Biker assaulted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chillibutton, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Disturbingly I see in the news tonight that a biker was assaulted by 2 men in Camberwell today (cops now looking for them, biker has minor injuries after being set upon with a crowbar in the middle of the road). Rider was on a white Triumph. Went home with minor injuries.

    Shocked to hear this, what the fcuk were those wankers thinking!! Wishing the rider a swift recovery and some legal pain and suffering for the 2 tough guys!

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  2. Wow you here of stuff like this happening but you never really think it would happen near you.....!

    I'm often working in Camberwell and that's the last place I'd expect this too happen.
  3. Sad story but I was amused at the investigating officer's name:

    Senior Constable Adam West

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  4. "Hit by a metal pole and refused medical treatment" - top work.

    2 assailants don't worry about the cops, bat-net-rider is coming for you
  5. Saw that article up here in Qld, hope it wasn't any NR members. All the best for a speedy recovery to the rider involved too, hope those responsible are dealt with accordingly.
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  6. There has to be more to the story I reckon...Melbourne drivers are crazy, but this is above the usual.
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  7. yep
    I would say he was most likely filtering
    those blokes have done the world a huge favour and rid the streets of one more inconsiderate selfish law breaking arsehole
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  8. That's trolling Greg, behave. ;)
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  9. nah it was sarcasm
  10. Got to be more to the story. You don't just get belted for the sake of it and then refuse medical help. He's probably kept his mouth shut as well. I wonder what he was riding?
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    a motorbike?

    maybe a Ducati
    that's worth a poling
  12. Uncle GregUncle Greg , not shit! I guess this mornings dose of smart arse pills hasn't warn off just yet.

    If it were a Harley, I guess the news would have reported as a bikie. Could have been a pizza delivery guy for all we know
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  13. I think it was a white triumph triple only just got a glimpse of the bike on the news last night
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  14. oh they were trying to fix it for him then
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  15. Damn them Triumphs with the stuck carbie in the rider's helmet!
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  16. I hope it wasn't the white Triumph riding smartarse (;)) that I'm acquainted with.
  17. Do tell
  18. "Random" attacks frequently aren't.
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  19. starting to think it was just some drug related incident.
    interesting to see if we will get the full story on this.