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Biker alive after 3 days in ditch

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by northerner, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Probably also not a good idea to be doing such a speed on a brand-new bike that you travel a further 200 yards AFTER hitting a post.....
  2. Well yes exactly! Didn't want to start making assumptions about what happened on the new toy, but I think we can all work it out...
  3. That's the sort of accident that would make a person seriously consider giving up riding.
  4. I was actually thinking when I read this about the poor guy who was killed on the Putty and whose body wasn't found for 4 years!! What a hellish time it must have been for his family, not knowing.....
  5. So was I. I believe it wad in the same thread that your brother mentioned some tracker software app you can get that periodically sends your GPS coordinates to a certain recipient. One of those would definitely come in useful.
  6. The only downside I see to that thing is the frequency motorcyclists move outside of coverages areas.
  7. Something I've always been taught to do from a very young age is to ALWAYS let someone know where you are going, how long you plan to be and letting them know if there is a change in that plan.

    Why? Because if you are late people know where to start looking.

    These days I always let either my wife or son know every time I go for a ride out of town and I text them at each stop, letting them know where I'm going next and how long I plan to be.
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  8. very good idea, i am well known for disappearing on the bike for a full day some times without letting anyone know, but this is could definitely happen to any biker going out for a long ride alone
  9. Wow, lucky man, reminds me of a thread posted on here a while back, about a similar fate to gentlemen that crashed on Putty Rd a few years back (correct me if I am wrong), wasn't so lucky as this chap though as they found his remains still in his leathers, apparently he had been missing for a few years too, food for thought.
  10. Whilst this only works in coverage, better than nothing. It is free on Android.


    Will send a sms with location to predetermined number in the event of a fall, unless you move a predetermined number of metres. My dad uses it on the farm in case he rolls the tractor. Its a good app but you need to play with the sensitivity.

  11. That's a good idea. Unfortunately a lot of the areas I ride in don't have much coverage. Hell, you've only got to go 30minutes out of town and you don't have coverage.
  12. pretty sure that guy did his own helicopter ride...
  13. I was taught the same thing and I still am, my mother always said to let her know the same things in case something happens.

    You're not european are you?
  14. No, a Yorkshireman (although I've lived in Australia for 42 of my 47 years).
  15. and thats next to a main road...

    i used to go offroading on a mountain range out whoop whoop by myself
  16. I do the same thing, out in know wheres land. I'll always tell people where im going and for how long (estimation sometimes) and I always call when I can and when I reach my destination. I don't know if that's because my parents are paranoid and it kind of trickled down to me or it's a wog thing XD
  17. one of my cousins (who died in a house fire)
    crashed his bike out bush and broke his leg, had to crawl back to civilisation